Phoenix of black flames

  • Hybrids of Magic

    A story about a half breed kitsune Keira who is sent to a school named "Hybrids of Magic". It later features characters from the Harry Potter world. AU with no Voldemort, instead there is a war against kitsunes. Later it may feature Drarry. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters. I only own Keira and my other own characters.
  • Too cold to touch, too hot to handle

    "When he was offered a place at Hogwarts he was overjoyed, he might finally be able to meet others like him. But no one there had magic like his. Apparently it only happened for powerful magic that longed to find an equal. His so called 'soul mate' or something, must be hiding his magic" Drarry one-shot. AU where Draco and Harry are soul mates and have elemental magic.