• Just a Little Encouragement

    Can make a flower bloom. What might have happened if Neville had had an adult who didn't demean him for things outside of his control? Death Eaters, you might have met your match.

  • Friends in Unexpected Places

    When Draco's son goes missing, helps comes from an unanticipated corner.

  • A Cup of Hope and Friendship Anew

    Finding her parents was supposed to fix everything. Instead, a desperate Hermione must search for Helga's failures to set everything right.

  • Troubles in the Delivery Ward

    Harry's wife is giving birth. Too bad everyone just wants to give him a hard time.

  • The Hero Inside

    Death isn't quick. At least not for Anthony or Daphne. It's a slow torturous process, but maybe together, they can stand up against the injustices of the world.

  • A Babe's Laughter

    Dobby's child will have better than her father did.

  • Painted Dreams

    When Shyou's father dies under mysterious circumstances, it is up to her and a kind healer to bring the killer to justice. Will they succeed or will Shyou meet a similar fate?

  • My Guardian Angel Baby

    Daphne never thought she'd get to have a conversation with the Tony Gold of all people!

  • The Child's Trust

    Vakala is jaded after years under Lord Zabini's control. Can a little girl remind her of the beauty of trust?

  • Meeting a King

    Harry's Saving-People thing rears its ugly head once again. Maybe this time, his sacrifices will be acknowledged?

  • The Scars We Choose

    All Verity Grahams wants is to have all remnants of an attack years ago to disappear, including the scar jagged scar marking her face. Unfortunately, questions must be asked and truths revealed before any removal may be possible. Can she face the past? Warning for severe mental illness and semi-graphic attack with a weapon.

  • Getting Your Just Desserts

    Antonin has just been released from Azkaban, so why is he in a dark room with Greyback?

  • Climbing the Mountain of Life

    When Fred tells George he needs to get away, there can be no question that the twins will stick together. WWW can wait, right? Can Angelina convince George to return home? And what is in Great-Grandfather's tin?

  • Beware Talking Books

    Elle, the great-granddaughter of Harry Potter, and her best friend, Rom, engage in conversation with a letter writer from the past...

  • The Choice We Make

    Andromeda has a secret that she needs to tell her family. Will she find support in the House of Black or will she be cast out from all she knew?

  • When Griphook Met James

    It's a very important day for young Griphook of the Hook clan. Too bad he has to babysit the mischievous James Potter.

  • The Life and Times of Remus Lupin

    They say when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Lies. These weren't memories being viewed from the outside; no, Remus was trapped in events long passed. Where a slight change makes all the difference. Written for THC and Hogwarts Competitions

  • Marauders Christmas Carol

    For VanillaAshes It's that time of year again. Time for the Marauders and their families to go Christmas carolling. Between Iris Potter's obsession with cats and disappearing acts, Hermione Black's new boyfriend, and adults that just can't stop snogging, however, it's bound to be a bumpy ride!

  • The Ice Prince

    People are being killed left and right by someone called the Ice Prince and his fellows whose preferred method of killing is an overpowered Glacius spell. Can the Auror department put a stop to it? Why are they even doing this? Deals with mental illness

  • A Look into the Life and Times of Fred II

    Freddy loves books; there's only one problem. Can Mr Blott help him? This short story also gives a look at how blindness may look within the magical world.