• Who Killed the Charms Professor?

    Hogwarts' newest Charms professor has been killed, but Auror Moody is on the case. Can he find the killer? Takes place decades before the books (1960s)
  • The Rescue

    Fred has a nightmare. Three brothers go to rescue a friend. Takes place in CoS Alternating POV challenge
  • Breaking Tradition

    After his son discovered an old photograph, Draco became plagued with nightmares. His wife, Luna, suggests that he meet up with Harry Potter. It's time for some family traditions to die. For The Houses Competition.
  • Nothing without Us

    It's been a year since the Battle of Hogwarts. An invitation to create a firework display in memory of the battle may be just what Gred needs to return to WWW. Sadfic Warning Please Read and Review
  • The Chamber's Secrets

    The history books got it wrong. The truth can only be found in a place Harry'd prefer not to visit again. Luna can help with that. Post-DH (minus epilogue) AU Written for round 6 of THC
  • Life with Honey

    Life has its sweet and sour moments. Honey is a house-elf at Potter Manor who just wants to spread the sweetness around. Her master has similar goals.
  • Sins of the Father

    With the passing of his grandmother, Neville learns about a different side to his father.
  • A Quill of Fate

    Dramione pairing When Draco Malfoy uses his new quill to write Mother about the upcoming Yule Ball, he never imagined the possible consequences. Complete, not likely to be continued though am willing to discuss adoption via PM if someone wanted to take this fic further.
  • Dobby's Delicious Pancakes

    After being freed, Dobby followed Harry Potter, sir, to the Dursleys and came to a startling conclusion. Harry Potter never had a proper childhood. Dobby would fix that! De-age fic
  • Rebirth

    When Harry Potter is sent back in time by a mysterious clock with naught but an outdated Hogwarts, a History, he has the chance to be whoever he'd like to be. Or does he?
  • No Debts Between Friends

    When Teddy Lupin's best friend has his right to education threatened, the metamorphmagus stands up for what is right.
  • Brooms Falling, Names are Calling

    Harry Potter's first Quidditch practice with the team didn't go quite as planned; the twins have to tell the story of why they're called human bludgers.
  • My Brother's Keeper

    When Hermione learns about a case of child abuse and a child afraid of his magic, she knows just who to send. Or the one where Harry accidentally gains some sons
  • Angel Wings

    Samuel fought with everything he had as memories of this place flashed before his eyes. It was here that he had learned to truly live after the loss of his first family, here that he learned to love with Davey and Persephone's help, learned to trust in the care provided by Lady Helga. This was the tale of the Forgotten House and Angel Wings. Sad!Fic
  • The Imaginary Friend

    Dani's daughter has an imaginary friend; it's just pretend, right? For THC Round 2 Drabble
  • More than Human

    Being a half-giant is hard... For Houses Competition Round 1 Standard
  • Diary of a Breakaway

    There's a fog that ebbs and flows. The effort required to come out on the other side is worth it to one mother who just wants to hug her son. Houses Competition Round 1 Drabble; Longbottom AU
  • Common Ground

    For IWSC Round 8 For the love of a child, any manner of childhood beliefs can be erased. Cho and Dudley learned that lesson well.
  • Following in their Footsteps

    Written for IWSC Writing School Round 6 Lysander and Lorcan find comfort in the familiar while at Hogwarts. Unfortunately for Minerva, that just happens to be the Forbidden Forest.
  • The Cure is Worse

    Healer Friedman is in a pickle. She's locked in a hospital room with only a hallucination for company. Might as well tell 'Mom' about what's been happening, right? Written for IWSC Round 7