• Play by Play

    The day of the Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor Quidditch match, Lily watches James immerse himself in the game, admiring his skills as both player and captain. As events unfold and emotions run high, she starts to conceed that her feelings towards him may not all be unfavourable. A short story in 4 parts. #jily # fluff #comfort CW: Explicit language use and suggestions of adult themes.

  • Balcony Talks

    [AU: Muggle Marauders] Living in the flats opposite each other, James and Lily have a habit of striking up regular conversations with each other; sparked through hilarious antics, drunken meltdowns, wild sleepovers and the "accidental" viewing of Lily in the nude. 'Balcony Talks' watches James and Lily's friendship, with a little help from the marauders, slowly blossom into love.