Ausar The Vile

  • Drafts Corner

    Several ideas or plot bunnies that I have for Harry Potter, but have not enough time to realize it into a story. Some ideas might be crossovering with another fandoms.
  • Alternatively

    Harry dies few years after defeating Voldemort and got send back to his first year, but apparently in an alternate universe in which everything and everyone is not what he remembered and everything is completely unexpected. Featuring Good and Supportive!Dumbledore, Fabulous!Voldemort, and... Ravenclaw!Ron? A Humor and Parody fic- some part crackish, some part... depressing.
  • Nocturnality

    After being rejected and disregarded by the Titans, Raven choose to leave and never to be seen again. 8 years later, The Titans went to downfall and blamed themselves for what they did to Raven. What would happen when they meet Raven again? Only this time, she's not a half demoness they used to know.. Rated T to be safe.
  • That Night

    The Dragonborn thought that tonight will be just like the other night. Cold and alone. But, why tonight seems to be different than the other night? Now it's multi chapters.
  • Claimed

    Like other fanfics, The Dragonborn's soul was contested by several Daedric Princes. But this time, one Daedric Prince won the bargain. How? Rated T to be safe.
  • Chocolate

    Sheogorath learnt a very amazing fact about Nocturnal. She loves chocolates as much as he loves cheese.. P.S: Valentine fic
  • Final Hours

    The Dragonborn remembered all the memories and events he experienced 30 years ago, before a certain Daedric Prince came to claim his soul. Set 30 years after 'Under the Moonlight' events. Rated T for character's death.