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  • Harry Potter and the Yellow Quartet

    In an alternative universe in the Weasleys don't exist, Harry makes three different new friends on his first train ride to Hogwarts. These friendships will define Harry and his life in a different Hogwarts house.

  • Lily Luna Potter and the New Era of Hogwarts

    After James, Hugo, and Lily make new friends on the Hogwarts Express, including 1 highly unlikely boy, James, Hugo, Lily, and their friends experience life at Hogwarts as the school undergoes some major changes.

  • A Different Path

    When Harry supports Hermione after Ron is an asshole to her in POA, it leads Harry and the world down a different road.

  • James, Lily, and Brother-Sister Fluff

    Brother-Sister fluff. One Shot.

  • Harry Potter and Parent-Child Fluff

    Parent-child fluff. One shots.

  • The Harry Potter Naming Thread

    Harry Potter chooses names for his children.

  • The Worst Gryffindor

    Why Ron Weasley sucks

  • Things That Should Have Happened in Canon

    A series of mostly unrelated one shots about things that didn't happen in canon but that I think should have.

  • Proof that Hermione and not Ron is Cannon Harry's BFF (Not a story)

    Proof that Hermione and not Ron was cannon Harry's true bestie.

  • Lily Luna Potter and the New Era of Hogwarts

    Harry's Potter daughter and those closest to her experience life at Hogwarts.

  • Der Harry Potter Namensfaden

    Harry Potter Charaktere wählt Namen für ihre Kinder.

  • Harry's and Hermione's Ron Free World

    Harry has a very different September 1st, 1991, than in cannon and Harry and Hermione have better friends than Ron.

  • Harry Potter Names His Children (Repost for Father's Day)

    Why Harry Potter named his kids the way he did.

  • The Harry Potter Naming Thread

    Harry Potter characters name their next generation children. Series of 1 shots.

  • The Naming of Albus Severus Potter

    Inside the head of Harry as he informs his friends that he has decided to name his 2nd son Albus Severus Potter.