• A moment too late

    Every week, he walks into the old classroom. Every week, she's there. This time, she's nowhere to be found. Seventh Year AU. TW: Mentions of torture. Written for the IWSC.

  • Red carded

    Or Draco being a very antisocial idiot and Harry can't see what's in front of him even with his glasses. Written for the IWSC.

  • IWSC Writing School Entries

    A collection of short one-shots for the IWSC's Season 4 Writing School.

  • A look behind the curtain

    Lily is tired of the Marauders and decides to take matters into her own hands to crash the party. What happens though when she sees that people aren't always how they seem? Written for the IWSC

  • Payback's a beast

    Muriel Prewett had a rough childhood, with Auberon Malfoy on the lead of the firing squad of bullies. But you should never underestimate a woman scorned. Written for the THC.

  • O tomb, vaulted bride-bed in eternal rock

    After the war, Narcissa got sentenced to a year of house arrest for her crimes. Halfway through her sentence, she gets stricken by a grave illness. Or does she? Written for the IWSC. TW: Death

  • You've Got (Black)Mail

    Neville has finally becomes the Wizarding World's Golden Boy, but he has a secret that can tear it all down. It was all good though, at least until a certain Miss Parkinson finds out. Written for the IWSC.

  • Blazing Red

    Ginny Weasley: youngest of seven kids, no connections, has to fight for everything she gets. Blaise Zabini: only child, a name that opens doors, never had to struggle and thinks he owns the world. Both hot-headed and strong-willed, it was only natural that they would clash like fire and water. Rated T for some mild language and triggers. Written for the IWSC.

  • Love at first fight

    McGonagal makes Harry an offer her can't refuse. And why would he want to? He got a job, a place and an insufferable (and insufferably hot) roomate. Written for the THC.

  • Deal with the devil

    Needing financial support for treatment after falling ill, Hermione Granger makes a deal with her old nemesis. However, that one rash decision will have consequences she could never have predicted. Written for the THC.

  • THC Monthly Challenges

    A document where I will group all these little stories so as not to distract from the main stories.

  • Legacy

    Draco just lost his wife. Scorpius just lost his mum. They both have a hard time dealing, especially on their first Christmas without her. Written for the THC.

  • Day by day

    The holidays can always be tough on people. Especially if it's the first one without a loved one. Even more so if that loved one is your twin. Written for the THC.

  • The best years are best to come

    Teddy is off to his first year in Hogwarts and he can't help remembering the last time he was there. Written for the THC.

  • Under pressure

    Teddy has struggled to fit into his parents' shoes all his life. However, one family dinner with his cousins is all he needs to realise their legacy is not that unattainable. Written for the THC.

  • The nerd strikes back

    Set during their Sixth Year. Harry gets a better score in Potions and Hermione goes berzerk. Written for the THC.

  • Bound for disaster

    Blaise the perfectionist has planned the perfect wedding proposal. He should know better by now that Ginny is quite the wildcard. Written for the THC.

  • The loss of innocence

    As much as the world has changed after the war, some pureblood notions remain. One of them haunts Draco Malfoy on what is supposed to be the happiest day of his life. Written for the THC

  • Game over

    Hermione Granger had always wanted to be perfect. What happens though when there are some things you just can't fix? Written for the THC.

  • Guide to salvation

    Charlie knows that he shouldn't have preferences as an uncle, but Victoire had always held a special place in his heart. Especially now that she seems to be facing the same dilemma as him. Written for the THC.