• Under Your Skin

    After a disastrous fifth-year Potions class with Potter, Severus discovers that Potter is being tortured by Umbridge. With Dumbledore evicted from Hogwarts, there's little Severus can do to keep his oath to protect Potter. That is, until McGonagall suggests that he takes Potter's place during his next detention.
  • Around the Christmas Tree

    After their meeting at the Royal Ball, Ginny moved mountains to find Harry and rescue him from his Cinderella life with the Dursleys. A lifetime of abuse and degradation is not something he can just walk away from, though. Thankfully, Ginny is there to help him recover and to help him settle into a new life of magic and royalty. SEQUEL TO FROM THE CUPBOARD
  • Bop to the Top

    When Harry and Draco meet as freshmen in high school, it's enemies at first sight. The intervening years only serve to deepen their divide as they compete against each other– while still performing on the same dance team. Their senior year, they discover, to their mutual displeasure, that they've committed to going to the same college.
  • The Chosen One and The Half-Blood Prince

    After a terrible summer at the Dursley's and the loss of Sirius, Harry is hurting and more in need of his friends than ever. Unfortunately, they've just started dating and are so wrapped up in each other that Harry goes unnoticed. Enter- Alfonse Hopkirk, a new Gryffindor who is definitely not Severus Snape in disguise.
  • Condensed Soup on the Rocks

    When Harry had been captured by Voldemort, he had expected that he would be tortured. What Harry didn't expect was the 'food' that Voldemort would feed him.
  • From the Cupboard to the Castle (and Back Again)

    The story of how one Harry Potter was whisked away from a life of drudgery, pain, and neglect by the Princess Ginevra (but call her Ginny) with the help of Hermione, Daphne, and Harry's Fairy Dogfather. If only he could bring himself to actually believe it was true and that he deserved it.
  • Neverending Rivalry

    Katie just wanted to learn about magic and play Quidditch and she didn't think that was a lot to ask. Cho seemed to think otherwise.
  • Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen

    Ginny is determined that Harry will see reason and start the D.A. again. Neville walks into their 'discussion' and helps her convince the stubborn brick wall that is Harry Potter.