• Do Not Go Gentle

    If Hermione were honest with herself, this was largely her own fault. There was no blaming anyone else, much as she had tried to do so. Voldemort, Dumbledore, everyone and everything was just an excuse to hide from the fact that she had been foolish, had believed where it was hopeless and had taken risks where the price was betrayal and death. Time travel fic. Regulus/Hermione.
  • A Conversation of Love

    "I'm sure I can expect nothing else from you, Bellatrix," Cygnus told her wryly. "If there was ever one thing you were spectacularly good at ever since you were born, it was making an unnecessary scene." After Andromeda's departure Bellatrix and her father have a conversation about the absent Black sister and some personal grievances come to light. Oneshot!
  • Her Crystal Fairy

    Luna smiled sadly at him. We can all use a little luck Harry. she said still just as softly. Especially you. You have dealt with things that no one our age should have to deal with. Set at the end of OOTP. HarryLuna.
  • Bloody Robes

    The blood on the front of his robes is red. He wasn't aware that it would be, yet somehow it is so. All it takes is a single glance down to see that. Dark fic. Complete.
  • Why Voldy Dosen't March Up to People's Door's

    Sirius said to Harry in the fifth book that Voldemort doesn't march up people's houses and bang on their doors. Well thats because he doesn't have to. His faithful followers will do it for him. Complete insanity. Mild Draco/Hermione towards the end.
  • Emeralds and Silver

    Ginny expresses her most intimate feeling's for Harry by means of poetry. Warning: Darkfic.
  • She Finally Knew Why

    It wasn't until the very end of it all, that she really understood. As the green light hit her ending her life, she finally knew why she had been sorted into Gryffindor in the first place. Very Dark. Torture fic. Character Death. Oneshot.
  • Random Facts About the Female's in Harry Potter

    The title explains it all. Just random facts about Harry Potter characters. Some may be funny, others cute, some sad, but altogether completely random. Hermione is up first.
  • A Darker Shade of Red

    "Slytherin!" With that one dreaded word, Ron Weasley's life changed forever. It was over. He was screwed before he could even begin. Slytherin Ron. Darkfic!
  • Sugar Fiends

    "Harry, they haven't taken care of the Rotfang incident! You can't join them until it's all cleared up!" "That's okay," Harry said. "I'm not joining the Ministry." "Oh good!" Luna looked immensely relieved. "I've been talking with Professor Trelawney and she quite agrees that you will come back and teach. But not until you're twenty-six." Luna/Harry
  • Normality at it's Fullest

    After the Final Battle all Harry wanted was a normal life. But when he wakes up the next day as Robert Tonks he realizes that normality for him is not possible, especially if you take into account having Malfoy's and Black's for relatives. HPLL DMGW RWHG
  • Hogwarts Students

    They fought for Hogwarts and for themselves. One fact about every student in Harry Potter's year as they fought, learned, loved and died. Complete.
  • Reflect

    I am not a good friend. I have nothing to offer either of them, yet how do I tell them to get lost when I need them to stay? I need them both so badly...All I ever bring is death, yet all I've ever wanted is a family. A trio-centered fic . Somewhat dark..
  • Darkness and Desire

    You know when you can tell that there's something desperately wrong with the picture? When everything that should have been wrong is so incredibly right. When your darkest thoughts and desires succeed in overriding your common sense. Dark!Ginny.
  • They Deserve This

    I have dealt with the cold for far too long. It surrounds me like a blanket of security, keeping away the light and the warmth that comes with it, so that only the darkness may remain. DARK Ginny. Mentions of Harry/Ginny throughout the story. Complete.
  • We Can Laugh

    Hermione muses towards her feelings about Ron or lack of. She laughs because he feels the same. She stops laughing soon because not everyone feels that way.
  • The Guilt of Our Decisions

    Congratulations, Mrs. Malfoy, you have earned yourself a one way trip to hell. Dark Ginny. DracoGinny.