• Nine Tails of Retribution

    [HG/SS] Sirius Black spent years in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit, but when he commits another crime against Hermione, no one was there to see it. Unfortunately, many people would rather trust Sirius than Severus, and Sirius is taking full advantage of this. [AU]
  • Outplayed

    AU, SSHG, Deep in the DoM, Manfred Morgan has his first child, and like most things born in the depths of the DoM, she's precocious and full of spunk— fated to tip the scales of the war before it even gets started.
  • The Nose Knows

    AU, SSHG, Amortentia, at last, led her to his embrace, and he meant to push her away. If only his arms didn't do quite the opposite— (COMPLETE)
  • Intervention

    SSHG: The spell was to prove they were meant. Ron should have read the fine print. COMPLETE
  • Familiar

    SSHG, AU: He's been with her all her life through the best and worst times, only she never knew it.
  • The Choices We Make

    SSHG, AU: Lily makes some discoveries about her place in the universe that may have been shrouded in denial. (COMPLETE)
  • The Other Option

    SSHG, AU. Harry and Ron make a really stupid wish just as someone chucks a wishing stone into his cauldron hoping he will wish for something super embarrassing. They never expected it to work. (M for mature themes/violence)
  • Heart of Stone

    SSHG, AU, Sirius Black hates Severus Snape. When an ugly confrontation occurs between them at Grimmauld Place, Sirius throws an old Black family curse at him, only to have Hermione Granger attempt to stop him. She's hit head-on, and everything changes— starting with her. (NC/Crack)
  • By All Means

    SSHG, AU: The Ministry put some really strict rules on Snape's inheritance to prevent him from getting his fortune(s) back. Harry is sent to be an unwilling witness to Snape's inability to satisfy their conditions. They say that the best revenge is living well, and Harry may end up having some rather startling revelations to the extent of exactly how stupid the rules really are.
  • Another Kind of Truth

    SSHG, AU. Harry believed that Hermione had truly lost her ever-loving mind. Everyone understood, but why couldn't she? Happy Valentine's Day Story. (COMPLETE)
  • Two Sides of a Coin

    AU: SSHG: In a world where Severus and Hermione grew up together and are in a good place in their relationship, the Marauders and Lily steal Hermione away to "save her" from his alleged Darkness. (COMPLETE)
  • Only By Twilight

    SSHG, AU: Written for the SSHG Giftfest 2019 on Livejournal for Rivertempest. A curse spawned in selfish lust attacks not only the target of Ronald Weasley's sense of justice but the one he desires. Britain descends into the frozen wastes as magic's imbalance grows greater and greater. Harry Potter wallows in guilt for his betrayal. (COMPLETE)
  • It's the Thought That Counts

    SSHG and utter crack: Hermione Granger writes Santa for the one thing she really wanted: a puppy. Pity she's dyslexic. (Inspired by the animated short "Dear Satan" that was narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart) (complete) [Warnings: Gore]
  • Admissions

    SSHG: Severus has some baggage to deal with after sabotaging his latest and most cherished relationship. Pity she had no idea. Pity he can't get his foot out of his mouth long enough to tell her. Written for the SSHG Giftfest 2019 on Livejournal. AU and probably Crack. An Ottermione story. (Complete)
  • Otterly Christmas Karma

    SSHG: Severus Snape receives a unique holiday gift that helps him change his life for the better. (AU) COMPLETE
  • Big Things in Small Packages

    [HG/SS] AU/Crack: Severus Snape has to deliver the acceptance letter to the Granger home thanks to Minerva being sick with the cat flu. He has no idea how this one event will change his life forever. SSHG/HEA
  • Shining Knight Under Duress

    SSHG/AU: Ron comes to "rescue" Hermione from her poor life choices before his mother explodes upon discovering that Hermione had turned down marriage long before she'd forced him to propose in front of Merlin and everyone. It goes about as well as one might expect. (COMPLETE)
  • In His Arms

    SSHG Ronald uses a spell he finds in the library at Grimmauld Place to give himself what Harry's parents had: true love. Maybe he should have read a little more before trying it out. AU
  • Serpentkind

    [HG/SS] AU: Neville's nervous twitch causes a really severe potions explosion that hits his lab partner, Hermione Granger. Her life is drastically changed forever. [Completely Crack]
  • Feather, Beak, and Claw

    AU/EWE: Severus Snape had no expectations of peace between himself and the golden boys of Gryffindor. Theirs was a cycle of hatred that went on and on with no end in sight. But one day changes all that, and Severus Snape finds someone he can actually care for, and she turns his life upside down, sideways, and diagonal. [HG/SS] M for Safety