• Divine Artifice

    Draco Malfoy found a strange potion in the Room of Requirement claiming to boost his magic but in the accident that followed, it became clear that the potion was actually Amortentia. Hermione/Draco
  • The Smurg

    After refusing to accept devastating losses in the war against Voldemort, Hermione goes back in time to change it all. A different sort of time travel - Hermione/Grindelwald
  • The Choice

    Voldemort has chosen the Longbottoms as his main threat. Short one-shot written for the Random and Crazy Challenge.
  • The Lies of Good and Evil

    The first mistake Dumbledore made was assuming Voldemort made those Horcruxes when in fact he was keeping them safe for his mentor. What is a guy to do when a renowned 'Light' wizard starts to try and kill him? Why, protect himself of course! And why does a certain curly haired girl make his pulse race? Hermione/Tom Riddle Time travel *Tom POV*
  • Establishing a Dynasty

    September 19, 1997 the Gringotts Goblin's presented Lucius with a key. Now armed with an old prophecy and a contract, the Malfoys change the tides of war. Their focus centered on one ferocious lioness. Hermione/AbraxasxLuciusxDraco.
  • Magical Mistletoe

    Hermione gets caught under mistletoe in the dead of night only to be found by Head Boy Tom Riddle. Now a two-shot.
  • Granger's List

    After Voldemort's defeat, magic is exposed to the world. Muggles, fearing magic, start a witch hunt. A small group of muggle-borns hunt and hand over the pureblooded to save innocent children. Draco begs Hermione to save him. Spoilers for Fantastic Beasts.**Chapters have changed**
  • Dreaming of You

    A short scene of Sigurd Malfoy as a young adult Viking where he dreams of Hermione. A short from Establishing a Dynasty.
  • Convergence

    Once Dumbledore defeats Voldemort and binds him for transfer to Azkaban, the Ministry decides that is not enough. The Minister of Magic, Pius Thicknesse, performs an archaic marriage ritual that binds the husband as much as the wife. The only candidates are women who are powerful and virginal. Unfortunately, Hermione draws the short straw.
  • The Importance of Breeding

    Voldemort is in desperate need for more Death Eater initiates as the war drags on. He commissions a spell that will find each wizard's magical mate designed to create a new strain of super warriors.
  • Time Traveling Marauder

    When Sirius goes through the veil during the battle at the ministry, he switches places with his twenty-two-year-old self who had been in Azkaban for the last six months. But time travel isn't as precise as one would think. Things get interesting when a younger Sirius steps out of the veil and into Hermione Granger's arms, three years after Voldemort's fall. Post war. EWE. Smut.
  • The Lost 21

    Sirius refused to stay and serve another twelve years in Azkaban. Upon breaking out, he sought the one wizard that could clear his name, Albus Dumbledore. After convincing the older wizard of his innocence, Sirius is sent on the biggest mission of his life. Why is he dressed like Mrs. Figg and why does Dumbledore keep bringing over cats? Companion fic to Time Traveling Marauder.
  • Just One

    Using a rare blood adoption ritual to make Hermione Pureblooded, the order sends Hermione Granger Black back to 1971. Orion sends Hermione to Hogwarts for her seventh year and offers his help with the fight against Voldemort on the condition that Hermione fulfills a later unnamed favor. Polyandry, Hermione/AveryxMalfoyxNott, time travel
  • The Price of Valor

    Hannah Abbott was on a mission to find out where all of her friends were disappearing to during seventh year. Worried that the Carrows were killing them off, She decided to step in.
  • Honor and Privilege

    Kreacher has one goal, to have his head mounted in the hall of heads. All of his dreams come crashing down because of one order that changed his life. Written for the Random and Crazy competition.