• Delicate

    She thought she was just helping out a stray dog. She didn't realize she had accidentally invited mass murderer Sirius Black into her house. Oops.

  • Schooled

    5 years after leaving Hogwarts early to start his professional quidditch career, James Potter wants to finish his NEWTs. Part-time tutor and full-time grad student Jayne McPherson is used to working with students who don't want to listen to her, but this spoiled celebrity is something else entirely. James Potter, get ready to get schooled.

  • Caught Up

    Hallie Jameson doesn't want to be a prefect. She doesn't want to take part in Ravenclaw's oppressive culture around OWLs. For that matter, she doesn't want to take the OWLs. And she doesn't really want to keep covering for Sirius Black's escapades. She just kind of... got caught up in it all.

  • Struggles of Research

    Rose is just trying to get through Sixth Year as the top student in her year. Scorpius Malfoy and his mysterious side project are the one thing preventing her from reaching that.

  • Good Guy

    Good Guy / gʊd gaɪ/ noun, 1. The universally liked guy in every year 2. Term used to describe an overrated pain in the ass As Head Girl, Gemma Malfoy is over all the Good Guys at Hogwarts trying to 'help her out.' Except for maybe Charlie Weasley.

  • Pride and Chivalry

    Slytherin Carina Malfoy doesn't need to be told not to associate with Gryffindors, especially Gryffindor Weasleys. It's simply known that Malfoys and Weasleys don't mix. But George Weasley is nothing if not persistent. (Takes place during POA)

  • Benefits of Detention

    Rose Weasley has never been in trouble. That's about to change. Kind of.