• Newt Beginnings

    Tina tells Neqt something important
  • Investigation

    Arthur is attacked and taken to St Mungos
  • Nerves

    Lily gets anxious before her wedding
  • Malfunction

    Bill Weasley has a special object that helps him reach his goals
  • Her Mother's Wish

    Helena meets someone who drives her to do something she never would have, ultimately sealing her fate
  • Dares

    Alice is goaded into something
  • anger is ok

    Lily has a terrible day
  • let the search begin (don't forget me)

    Lucy and Molly have a quest: to find a clover
  • Challenges At The Dam

    James has to decide whether to accept the challenge
  • Keep Running

    Colin and Dennis have choices to make on May 2, 1998
  • After All

    Percy Weasley reflects on the decisions he has made.
  • Hidden In Plain Sight

    Sirius comes up with a plan to help his friends
  • A Big Mistake

    Hagrid is sorted into Slytherin, and makes the biggest mistake of his life.
  • Wildfire

    Harry has an idea
  • Last Decision

    Lily has a revelation
  • Full Moon

    Remus faces a challenge...
  • Determination

    Ginny gets up her courage
  • Mix Of Emotions

    Susan remembers something her aunt told her
  • Penitence

    Petunia Dursley comes to a decision regarding Harry Potter.
  • Resolution

    Neville decides to act