• Eavesdropping

    Dobby overhears a conversation

  • Frozen In Time

    Alastor Moody leads the investigation into the Potter’s murders

  • Next Steps

    Dumbledore gives his opinion

  • Stronger Together

    Minerva gives some students a warning

  • Sibling Rivalry

    Fleur has a grudge against her baby sister.

  • I Always Knew

    Susan has to make a difficult decision

  • The 16th Attempt

    Angelina is determined to help George

  • coronation day

    Alice finally ascends her throne

  • Progression

    Ginny makes a bad mistake

  • I told you so

    Leanne worries about her friend

  • For Friends

    Molly and Arthur start off on the wrong foot

  • a reconciliation

    lily and petunia start to make amends

  • And Things Are Okay

    Luna and Neville head to Diagon Alley, visiting Weasley's Wizard Wheezes while they're there.

  • Moments After

    Minerva is faced with.a choice

  • Wishful thinking

    andie writes a letter

  • hatred

    Leta has to find a way to deal with consequences

  • The Discovery

    Ginny realizes a surprising truth

  • More than imagined

    Luna makes a discovery

  • Beauty of family

    Alice and Draco start to reconcile

  • Young Plans

    Ron finds something out about Percy