• Saving Hogwarts

    What would happen if Albus' dies suddenly, after Voldemort is gone for good? What would happen if the castle rejected his choice and made its own decision? Well, perhaps Hogwarts might be fixed. AU and Non-Canon Compliant. Summer before Harry's third year. Contains OCs, will be a mentor-like fic. Mentions abuse, eating disorders, self harm, swearing, etc. R&R.

  • In Need of Saving?

    The first war ends, he is heartbroken and grieving. But mostly, he is blaming himself, for many deaths, and slowly self destructing. Will someone help him? Or is he finally beyond help? Rate T for Self Injury, although non-graphic, and perhaps language. AU and non-canon complaint.

  • Saving Harry

    Another guardian fic, and yet different in its own way. Does Harry need saving? Or does he have to save himself...from himself? Read and REVIEW please, reviews make me update faster. Contains abuse and violence, possible self-injury and swearing. AU and Non-Canon Complaint!

  • Coming Up for Air

    Severus is hurting. What if someone noticed and decided to help? A one shot set in the Saving Universe, but it is not necessary to read that to understand this one. AU/Non-canon complaint! Also, eating disorders. Let me know what you think!

  • Letting Go

    Severus dies and goes to Summerland. What happens when he sees Lily? What happens afterwards? Post-DH. One-shot.

  • Tower Conversations

    It is the beginning of a friendship, found in an unlikely place.Can two people so different, yet so similar, really become good friends? This is a series of one shots in the Saving arch. It is AU and non-canon complaint.Not as angsty as my normal Saving stories, however T rating is for language, currently. R&R!

  • This Night

    This night a man will ask for something, something he never asked for before. But will it be given? My take on the night Severus came to Albus. Very AU and NON-CANON complaint! The prequel to my Saving story arch. Standalone, oneshot.

  • The Lessons They Teach

    This is a companion piece to "Through Their Eyes." It will make more sense if you read that first, however you do not have to. Severus always sees them, the hurt ones. He helps them, teaches them. But they also teach him. These are their lessons.

  • Through Their Eyes

    Something different, for once. One shot, drabble piece. Severus always sees them and he always sees the looks in their eyes. The lessons he teaches are great, the ones he learns are even greater. Contains mention of abused and self harming teens. R&R.

  • The Potion Master's Apprentice

    Little Albus Potter gets into a slight potion accident. While unconscious he meets the great Severus Snape, hilarity and potions ensue. R&R, pleases and thank you.

  • Always Loyal

    This is a rather short blurb, a drabble if you will. One shot. Note, this is not a poem. It's just written in an odd format.

  • Never Goodbye

    One shot. Albus and Severus last conversation before that faithful night. R&R, please and thank you. And yes, I am aware that the title is rather poor.

  • Letters to a Forbidden Lover

    These are the letters of one Albus Dumbledore to his lover. These letters are broken and incomplete. Some Albus never finished and some were so tear-stained they never made it to post. These are Albus' inter thoughts. One shot, drabbles.