• Behind The Veil

    As Sirius Black fell he wondered where in the past he would awaken and what he could change. Could he save James? Give Harry a better life? Turn the tide of the war?
  • A Second Chance

    When Regulus Black opens his eyes and sees that he is eleven again, he knows what he has to do, confused as he may be. He has to take down a monster, try and rebuild his relationship with his brother and live past the age of eighteen. He doesn't know which will be harder. Time-Travel.
  • Lily

    Rejection hurts and unlike popular belief even James Potter is bothered by it. See how James handles being rejected by Lily Evans.
  • In the memory of

    Remembering those who left for their next great adventure. Inspired by school work, exams, books and fanfictions I have read!
  • Letter Love

    James Potter has pined after Lily Evans for years but now that they are heads of rival schools it's all going to change right? Right? Or maybe not...after all somethings never change. Written for Quidditch League.
  • Bound to You

    Free of a Master, Death gives Harry Potter a gift. A chance for his parents to live, but none can bring back life to those gone, so Death turns back time and binds the thread of one Lily Evans to that of James Potter and watches, as the first soulmated pair in over four centuries live. They could survive. They could die.
  • Twin Potters

    A look at how different Harry's life had been had he had a companion, one much less oblivious than him and a girl? My twist on the popular twin potter siblings plot!
  • Time Traveler, Dimension Savior

    A war-torn wizarding world's lonely hero, Fate's games and a new dimension, what could go wrong? Oh wait, this is Harry Potter and he is the walking-talking example of Murphy's Law, so everything.
  • The Soul of a Stag

    Lily Evans was a normal twenty one year old. She loved reading and wanted to one day write her own novel that would change the world. Going through her third year of uni, how would she react to waking up with someone else in her body and knowing they probably won't go away anytime soon. Oh and that someone? It's a stranger by the name of James Potter. Set in the modern world.
  • The Potter Quest

    Lily Evans Potter hated that Harry to suffer but it was done and over with. Things, however, changed when the dead began to disappear, the excess of hoxrucx magic that Voldemort had managed to do, leaking from his soul to all the other dead. Now it's up to Lily Evans, the only dead left to kill Voldemort before he could make the seventh hoxrucx.
  • The Muggle Witch

    We all know that Lily and Petunia were the best of friends before Lily got her letter, but what would happen if an accident which landed Petunia in the hospital made a witch out of her too? BEING EDITED
  • Tangled

    Tangled!AU Rescuing princesses and breaking out prisoners is all in a day's work for Lord Potter but can he deal when his best friend falls for Snivelly and Remus decided to love a skin bender? And is the girl with the lustrous red hair, actually the lost princess and is he ready to die to make sure she lives? What is Regulus doing with her sister? And is the witch Lady Walburga?
  • A Ronks Cinderella

    Princess Nymphadora is waiting for love to find her, while war brews in the Black Kingdom as the dictator Voldemort gains power. Can she find her true love in the Yule Ball? Also, who are the Marauders and which side of the war are they really on? The story can now also be found on fictionpress as it has been made into an original story.
  • A bond

    A soul bond which can change the world, and the lives of a red haired girl and a hazel eyes Pureblood Marauder.
  • Adventures in Time

    When Katie Bell is unwillingly forced back in time, she chooses to save the man she loves, but which red haired prankster will it be Gred or Forge? Please review.
  • A very unusual love story or maybe not so!

    What would happen when a new girl managed to stir up the world of the Marauders. How would Sirius' family react if he fell for a Muggleborn who bikes, wears shorts and crop tops, plays rock guitar and calls Voldemort Voldy dearest? And will she even fall for him or even worse will he? Oh and she punches death eaters, something that might give dearest mother Black a heart attack!
  • A Phoenix's Tail

    When two girls with extraordinary powers are taken from their world and thrust in to save the world of a story book, drastic changes occur and soon what we know shall never be the same anymore. Pleas read!
  • Pen Pals

    Most love stories start when two people meet but theirs was unique. It started on paper and ink, it started with letters. A Jilly pen-pal story.
  • Inked Skin

    Remus Lupin never thought he would find a soul-mate. Not after thebite,not...not after the war...but as another war approaches,willhe run or wil he fall?Thanks to premadora girl for betaing.
  • Memories of the Future Past

    Watch as Lily Evans stumbles through her second-chance at life, determined to end Voldemort before he can harm her baby ever again.