Angry lil' elf

  • Pardon My French

    The only thing worse than cheating on your fiancee, is cheating on her with her part-Veela sister-in-law as Harry is about to find out. Harry/Fleur.
  • Disney University

    Inspired by an artist's interpretation of Disney characters in University. Follow the adventures of my OC Nick as he meets and befriends various Disney characters. Possible OC/Elsa romance. Rated T for now, but will be bumped up to M later.
  • Lord of the Rings: the Lone Wolf

    During the last stages of the fall of Reach, Noble Six is pulled away from the battlefield and into another one where he must help protect a Fellowship from danger. Rewrite of my first Halo/LOTR crossover, R&R :)
  • Injustice Gods Among Us: Dragonborn rewrite

    The Dragonborn in the Injustice universe. Kick-ass picture done by Provided Duck on DeviantART
  • Harry's Eleven

    Harry runs away from the Dursleys and is raised by Danny Ocean. Harry then forms his own Eleven, can Harry and his friends fight the future as well as Voldemort's Legion of Doom? They're gonna need one more guy. A Warner Bros. crossover event. Rating will be bumped up to M in later chapters for mature content.
  • Injustice Gods Among Us: Dragonborn Arcade Battles

    A side story that shows what it would be like if the Dragonborn were a playable character in Injustice. Enjoy :-), Rated T for some violence and some swearing and mild suggestive content