Christopher Perkins

  • The Mage and the Engineer

    When the Goblet of Fire spat his name out as a Fourth champion in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry Potter thought that his life couldn't get any more dangerous. Now he's dodging bullets and shells and fighting for a Duchy against an Imperial Invasion. Will he and those who came with him find their way back? Or will they find reasons to stay?

  • Harry Potter and the Fleet

    Magical Experiments had been spearheaded by Harry Potter's grandfather in the 1940s, creating a new race of people. In the summer of 1994, these "Kansen" uncovered the location of their creator's grandson and rescue him from Number Four. Join them as they navigate the upcoming storms and prove that not all is well in Magical Britain.

  • Gallia Rises

    When the Empire invaded, High Command abandoned their people for places of power in the new government. The Federation's invasion and subsequent claim to the land further spurned the people of Gallia. Determined to retake their nation, a resistance forms and prepares to fight tooth and nail for their independence from both the Federation and the Empire. History calls! Wałċk Gålå!

  • Harry Potter and the true Power He Knows Not

    What if Hogwarts could tell if a student was abused. What if Harry met a brown bushy-haired girl rather then the family of redheads. How would the story change? H/HR

  • Harry Potter-McGonagall and the Wands that Destinies are made of

    What if Albus Dumbledore had listened to the words of his Depute Headmistress and instead of growing up at the Dursley's, Harry is raised as a McGonagall and met a brown haired witch before embarking on the Hogwarts Express. This will undoubtedly be a Harry/Hermione Fic. Betaed by DarkenedRose24. ON INDEFINITE HIATUS