• The Dark Side Collection

    A collection of Dramione one shots that will always… always have a sad ending. Stories for when you need a good cry, a reason to curse and shout, or an excuse to be angry with the world. Summaries and necessary tags will be posted at the beginning of each work. Welcome to the Dark Side.

  • False Pretenses

    Their solicitor was convinced that the only way to salvage the Malfoy family name was marriage to a certain muggle. Draco would have none of it. "So how do you suppose the courtship would begin? Hm? Hey Granger! Remember me? Long time, huh? How about we catch up over tea and biscuits over at the manor? You'll love what we've done with the place specially the drawing room!" REWRITE!

  • Similarities and Differences

    "Today, I sent white roses over to St. Mungos addressed especially for Granger. Attached is a 'sincere' note of thanks." Malfoy smirked. "And do you know what I hear people say?" Blaise nodded with understanding. "They say it's like a fairy tale come true." It was the beauty of the unattainable. The delicious seduction of the forbidden. It would be the talk of the century.

  • Closure

    A chance encounter at a place that was once meant for an execution. We never truly move on unless we finally get answers to the question 'why'. MegumiXAoshi because there isn't enough.

  • Lance Corporal Levi

    Where boredom leads to discussion. Perhaps some things are better left unsaid. Or rather, whispered very very silently to prevent any unwanted casualties. "I'm not trying to prove anything Eren." Mikasa sighed. He was missing her point. "I'm simply saying that maybe there's a possibility that Lance Corporal Levi is gay." LeviXMikasa