Hey It's That Guy

  • Harry Potter And The Fantastical Fanon Fanfiction

    In this tale featuring everything you love about bad fanfiction, Harry Potter thought his life couldn't get any crazier after his first four years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Until, that is, he received a letter from Gringotts. Watch out world, cause Harry Potter is about to fulfill his destiny as the greatest OP MC in history! Whether he likes it or not.

  • Nobody Lives Without Love

    Things seem to be looking well Danny and Star. They're in love, school's out for summer, ghost activity is down. They couldn't ask for more. However, Technus and Skulker have formed a plan to eliminate the hero of Amity Park once and for all. Add in a human/ghost/scorpion hybrid Paulina, a god of creation, and a god of death and the results may end more than just Danny Phantom.

  • Lost In The Echo

    Pansy has always hurt others without pause. It made the pain from her parent's abuse feel less real. Then the Battle of Hogwarts came and she tried to hand Harry Potter over. It was only so she could live longer. No one truly understands these things about her life other than her. They all think she is nothing more than a cruel, spiteful little girl. She will show them the truth.

  • The Room

    Harry Potter wasn't the only person to ever find the Room of Requirement. Pansy Parkinson was quite lucky to have relief during 5th Year. Pansy focused oneshot, Mental Illness awareness based.

  • The Truth Revealed

    Months before the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry discovers an Earth-shattering secret during a fight with Snape. His life and destiny, will never be the same again. NOT SLASH