• To Fall for Somebody New

    A collection of one-shots for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Gryffindor House. First up - Hermione struggles to come to terms with her emotions, until a friend offers some advice.
  • The Mischief They Create

    A collection of Marauders Era one-shots.
  • The Lies We Tell

    In all the years they've known each other, there's one thing Anthony and Padma haven't said.
  • A War in the Shadows

    Minerva's world begins to spin when the United Kingdom officially declares war on Germany, and every time she thinks she has a handle on it, she just gets knocked off her axis again.
  • Around Thrones the Thunder Rolls

    **COMING MARCH 23** Lily Evans thought her life would be normal. Well, as normal as it can be for a muggle-born witch in England. But when her boyfriend turns out to be the prince of the wizarding world, and tensions begin to rise among factions of wizarding society, Lily must find her way in situations she never anticipated, and try not to lose sight of her identity.
  • The Questions in My Heart

    The Marauders are getting older, and that means so many things. Mischief, heartbreak, and trying to figure out who they really are. They'll face problems within their group, prove their loyalty to each other, and discover the ugliness that is brewing in the wizarding world at large. Welcome to Years 2-4 of the Marauders time at Hogwarts.
  • A Technicolor You

    Soulmates bring color to their partner's life...literally.
  • Into the Darkness With You

    A disastrous break up. An unexpected visitor. A hidden truth. And a reunion that forces it all into the open.
  • When Eagles are Silent

    A collection of one-shots for HP Houses Challenge Year 5.
  • A Heartbeat Away

    Prompt: You can feel your soulmate's heartbeat on your wrist. Wolfstar soulmate AU.
  • Graduation Day

    Its the Marauders last day at Hogwarts, and things are changing rapidly.
  • Hold Your Hand

    Harry goes to a party, and by chance and with a little help from the Beatles, he meets someone very special.
  • Memories

    Fleur and her daughters bond over some delicious food.
  • Guardian Giraffe

    Molly comes to terms with a big change in her life, with the help of a little giraffe.
  • Family News

    Bill has something he needs to share.
  • Foundations

    The story of how the Founders decided to create a school for wizards and witches.
  • Unexpected

    She had only ever wanted to go to Hogwarts, but things change, and now Alicja must navigate beginning her education someplace she never expected to be... Durmstrang.
  • The Lost Labyrinth

    Bill gets the opportunity to search for a treasure long lost to mankind.
  • Master of the Blush

    Four individuals must compete to master a task set to them by the taskmaster - make the Slytherin blush.
  • See You Again

    I don't know what this is. The feels monster got me. Inspired by See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. No rights to the characters or the song lyrics.