• The Miracle

    Harry and Ron discover how to keep Hermione happy. Oneshot
  • The Doctor's Daughters

    So not only did The Doctor have Jenny, he also had two other daughter! Their names were Haruhi, and Hermione. WARNING USUAL PAIRINGS WILL NOT BE FOLLOWED PAIRINS ARE HARUHI/KYOYA, and HERMIONE/HARRY MORE WILL BE DECIDED UPON LATER. ALSO THERE IS DUMBLEDORE AND RON BASHING! rated T to be safe Updated :D
  • Understanding

    A look into the strange relationship of Hermione and Fred.
  • Pride

    A look into Severus Snape's family and himself.
  • The Mirror

    The life of the Mirror of Erised
  • Corner of his eye

    he is there. Written for House competition round 8
  • Prank Queen

    Look out Hogwarts the prank war is coming. Written for the Houses competition round 8.
  • My Love

    A dark look on Blaise/Hermioine. Written for round 7 of the Houses Competition. Warning, some material is not appropriate for young audiences.
  • Black

    A look into Sirius's life and his discoveries about himself. Written for round five of the Houses Competition.
  • Scars

    He is gone. The one person who understood her left. Written for Bonus Round 2 of the Houses Competiion.
  • Dark's Daughter

    Hermione Grange is the perfect Gryffindor right? She is brave, intelligent, loyal, and has the best of friends. But what if all of that was not the real Hermione? Her friends are not her friends and she is loyal only to who will benifit her. Hermione is not who everyone thinks she is, so who is she? NOTE this is a redo of my earlier work the dark lords daughter
  • The Dark Lords Daughter

    Who is Hermione Granger and why is she so smart yet so damaged? Follow Hermione on her path to discovering who she really is from the beginning of second year onward. Pairings not yet decided.