• Harry Asked, Dumbledore Answered

    There was a conversation between Dumbledore and Harry at the end of Book One, 'Philosopher's Stone.' If that conversation had taken a different course, then so many things might have been different. A more clever Harry, a more evil Dumbledore.
  • BOOK 1: The Defeat of Voldemort

    Using the blood of another, in a potion or otherwise, can have unexpected magical consequences. Voldemort made a mistake when he attacked Harry Potter as a baby, and another when he used his blood in a potion to restore his body. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 2: Return to Hogwarts

    It becomes very lonely away from your friends and your world. Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 3: Julia

    Harry's daughter, Julia, was beautiful, highly intelligent, and very talented. She also had a desire for power over others. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 4: Kidnap

    Harry Potter was becoming too influential for the liking of certain people. Steps are taken to destroy his influence and his reputation. This story is rated for a mature audience. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 5: Beth

    Beth is the daughter of Harry and Luna. She is a very special child, but such gifts come with a price. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 6: Nerrissa and Kryall

    Betrayal and trauma, increasing power, a new love, and a miracle. Rated for mature readers. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 7: The Dementors

    When he was just thirteen, the Dementors took a special interest in Harry Potter. Decades later, while far more able to defend himself, he is not invincible. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 8: Bellamy

    Harry gets lost in his own mind, and wanders the muggle world. A loving, sexual relationship helps him turn the corner to recovery. Sexual content in Part 2, male/male, Rated M. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • BOOK 10: The Great Wizard

    Harry Potter, now known as Henry Bellamy, is happiest with his family, playing with his pets, and following his own interests. But he has unique talents, and maybe he should not live selfishly. This is the final in the Book series. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • Book 9: John

    Henry Bellamy, once known as Harry Potter, defeats the powerful and criminal family Khatabi. The matriarch, old Riza Khatabi, takes a terrible revenge. THIS BOOK IS TO BE DELETED AUGUST 2012.
  • The Broken Bond

    Harry's connection to Lord Voldemort is closer than most people realise, almost like a Soul Bond. A broken Soul Bond can be fatal.
  • Retribution

    This is Book 3 of the Sacrifice Series, sequel to 'Sacrifice for the Side of Light' and 'Demter Guardian.' **Harry Potter has come a very long way from the wide-eyed child trotting next to Hagrid on his first visit to Diagon Alley.
  • Hecatemus

    Every wizard dreams of winning a Hecatema. Powerful magical creatures, but peaceful, non-threatening,and submissive to the Soul Mate. Beautiful,sexual creatures. But Harry Potter was never good at following the rules. AU, 'Creature Fic.' M/M rel'nship
  • The Demter Guardian

    Sequel to Sacrifice for the Side of Light. Summary: This is Harry Potter, and muggle, squib or wizard, he WILL defend himself. Rated M for mature readers. References to sex, rape and abuse of muggles.
  • Sacrifice for the Side of Light

    Albus Dumbledore has taken the motto of 'For the Greater Good.' If sacrificing just one child can save thousands of lives, surely it is only logical and rational to do so. He cares for Harry Potter, of course, but it's for the Greater Good, - isn't it?
  • The Marked Child of Light

    The connection between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort is stronger than people know. Such Bonds can be very dangerous to break. Severus Snape helps, and Neville helps, and Tracey and Heather and Ginny and even Trevor.
  • The Waif

    A young child makes sure he is not seen or heard as he listens to something on TV, - something about homeless children, and children's services available. Harry's sure he's not really a Freak, and maybe he deserves better.