• Thief

    One thing was certain. Hermione Jane Granger was a bloody thief. Every time Harry turned his head, it seemed as if another thing was missing; disappearing into the nether like it had never existed at all. Inspired by a wonderful piece of artwork from Shira-ra, please check out their instag! Tooth-achingly fluffy H/Hr, they're both awkward dorks and I love them.
  • Not Just a Bear

    Harry comes to Hermione with a request. They end up with something more. AKA it's almost 4am IDK what I'm doing, but Harry deserved a good childhood and Hermione wants to give him that as best as she can, childish Harry, slightly angsty tho, T for some language and stuff, Harry is adorable and loves Hermione, Hermione is exasperated and loves Harry, their kisses are magic EWE FLUFF
  • The Stars Above (A Little Fall of Rain)

    Two broken teenagers at the edge of the world, friends and soulmates at the precipice of something more, a promise of a futre just out of reach. One they'd never get to see. Based off of Hasty's most recent and utterly HEART WRENCHING Harmony Artwork. Please check it out on insta! Angsty as hell, not a HEA, T for fairly graphic-ish descriptions of dying.
  • Under a Bloody Sky

    The sky began to bend above them, and Hermione screamed, every nerve in her body being torn and electrocuted at once as the drumming grew louder and louder, pounding inside her. The world filled with purple light and fire and all around her came the earth-shaking response; We accept your sacrifice. And thus the threads of the universe were undone.
  • The Purest of Sins, the Darkest of Tragedies

    I wish I could say with a certain heart that I wish John damned. But if I count my husband's sins, I must count my own. Dramatic monologue from the veiw of one Elizabeth Proctor.
  • Help From Ahead

    Things are going downhill, fast, for Harry Potter. Forced to compete in a stupid tournament, the whole school hates him. SO what if there was a chance for the truth to be revealed? I'm doing a 'character reads books.' However it DOES have a rit's own plot. Powerful!Hermione, and for a HP fandom cliche, it's different. T for now, tell me if it needs changing. H/HR. Obviously.
  • Scars of War

    Oneshot Blaise/Hermione rated T for Paranoia. Hermione reflects on her missing love at a memorial service... 'You are gone, and clouds appear slowly in the once cloudless sky. Then I cry.' DISCLAIMER; do not own characters, they belong to J.K. I only own the plot of this story.