• The Tournament of Death

    Part one in the 'Super Duper Lame Magicians' series. Set in season 10 of SPN. Albus Dumbledore had a little predicament. All the judges for the upcoming Triwizard Tournament could be seen as biased. The solution? Invite two experienced American muggles to be judges and introduce them as a neutral party. The baggage that will come with them could be dealt with at a later date.

  • Not Apart of the Plan

    Once Lucifer finally got a decent vessel - aka Nick - he decided, why not (try) go on vacation. He had it all planned out, after all. He even hooked up with one hot, young red-haired chick for a while. All of which was mostly planned out. So obviously, a dark-haired teen who wasn't completely human was absolutely not apart of the plan.