• The Ties That Bind Us

    September, 1976. A few weeks after he runs away from home Sirius is still struggling to truly escape his family's influence when he is confronted by his brother in the Hogwarts library.
  • The Consequences of Our Actions

    Sirius is a very clever boy, but even the brightest seven-year-old will sometimes fail to think things through. He's just going to use his father's wand to cast a spell or two—what could possibly go wrong?
  • Without Express Permission

    Regulus enters his father's study during a game of hide and seek to look for Sirius, only to regret it when he gets caught by Orion. Set in 1966.
  • A Matter of Priorities

    May, 1943. The entire school is afire with rumours about the mysterious attacks and their relation to the Chamber of Secrets, but Lucretia and Walburga Black have rather more important matters on their mind—such as skipping their dreadfully dull Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson to smoke in the second-floor lavatory. If only that upstart Tom Riddle would stop trying to barge in.
  • Happy Expectations

    Sirius was a greatly-desired child. A snapshot of the moment when Walburga tells her husband she's pregnant. Fluff.
  • you've begun to feel like home

    Rebekah, Henrik, Hope. Three times Klaus touched the stomach of a pregnant woman. 100 percent pure fluff, with a tiny tiny dash of angst.
  • Death before my eyes

    Young Marcellus has only lived with the Original family for two years when Elijah lets him in on the family secret. Set around 1820.
  • Final Decisions

    The day before he goes to steal the Horcrux, Regulus visits his brother in the hospital one last time, and decides on his final act of bravery.
  • Pranksters and Troublemakers

    Professor McGonagall barely survived the seven years the Marauders spent at Hogwarts. It wasn't until much later when she realized how empty the castle was without them.