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  • Harry Potter and the Price of Failure

    At King's Cross station, Dumbledore tells Harry he can either return to the world of the living, or not. Harry chose not. It has been five years since the death of Harry Potter, and the world has become a dark, dangerous place where magic is might. The heroes of the war have all but given up, until one day the Boy Who Lived lives once more. Harry Potter returns, and hope with him.

  • Of Arrogant Toerags and Rabid Redheads

    While Lily tries not to fall in love with James, James struggles to fall out of love with Lily. While Peter learns to step out of his friends' shadows, only to fall into that of another, Remus spends his whole life running away from the moon, and Sirius Black is unapologetically Sirius Black. In which stag meets doe, friend turns foe, and the rest you're soon to know. (James/Lily)

  • The Curious Grim Fates of Padfoot and the Chosen One

    In a world in which Harry Potter was raised by his godfather, Sirius Black, he ends up a very different boy indeed. Prepared for the world of magic and adventure by Sirius, and raised to be remarkably similar to his father before him, Harry is ready to take Hogwarts by storm. But darkness looms ever on the horizon, and though some things are different, not all things are better...

  • Poetic Justice

    As Albus endeavors to leave behind his own legacy, separate from his father's, he finds distractions entering his orbit from every direction. Some take the form of Quidditch hoops and exams, while others come from an exceedingly frustrating woman and the particularly dangerous Scorpius Malfoy. What is the son of a Chosen One to do?

  • One in a Hundred

    ONE-SHOT. After playing with a broken time-turner, James is forced to re-try the same conversation with Lily Evans over, and over, and over again. The only way for him to break the loop? If somehow, he can get a kiss from her. Tasked with the impossible, James doesn't like his odds - they're one in a hundred.

  • Hogwarts High

    An American High School romance twist on Lily and James' love story. With all the classic characters at Hogwarts High, seen under a brand new and modern lens - with football games, parties, and internet-era environments, complete with our more modern ways of thinking and interacting - our favourite characters could never be like this in that janky old castle!