• Seiche Sortiārius

    Where does a house elves Magic come from and go?

  • Like Tenfold Shields

    It's been said 'never get between an angry mother and her babies.' Unfortunately, Harry can't say he's really experienced that, due to the situations of his life. What if someone stepped up - someone with spikes in her tail and able to breathe fire?

  • Battle Weary

    We've all read about the adventures of Harry and the other characters, but what about Aurors working a beat or responding to emergencies? Original Characters

  • Retribution is Mine

    "Trouble rather the tiger in his lair than the sage among his books." A Pureblood finds out what happens when he does, to his sorrow.

  • We Never Knew

    The magical world is horrified, when an insidious threat arises from unexpected directions.

  • A Mirror Challenged

    Being a Reaper has challenges. Dealing with the occasional temporal adjustment just adds to the headache. What's a Reaper to do? Inspired by the Reptilia28 challenge... but not precisely what you think. One-shot.

  • Direful

    Pranks sometimes don't go as planned. When Harry, Hermione, and a couple of their other friends think up a plot, they find this out. They also find out that sometimes the consequences are... terrible.

  • A Mirror's Reflection

    From a Reddit Prompt: ... But then Minerva called out a name and Severus felt as though he was looking into a pensive. He was a skinny child with black hair, a hooked nose, and second hand robes. The resemblance was so uncanny that Severus looked for a red headed girl among the other children...

  • For One Woman, Chaos

    Reddit Prompt Story. In many ways, Minerva McGonagall has touched quite a few lives. What might happen at the end of her own life by violent means, when some of those she touched get together for payback?

  • The Thing about Bets

    Companion piece to 'Fudge Gets Told Off.' Here's what was being talked about in the galleries during the Fudge trial.

  • The Dragons Did It

    Albus Dumbledore has a problem, and it's all thanks to those dragons.

  • Fudge Gets Told Off

    Cornelius Fudge finds out that he should have kept his nose out of Madam Bones' business. Dan Granger makes sure of that.

  • Wait, What?

    The Language of Flowers gives someone a way to communicate certain things. What if the Potter luck and Magic made for a sticky situation?

  • The Augur's Kismet

    Vernon Dursley suddenly has a lot of things on his mind when he receives a panicked call from Petunia from the hospital's emergency room. A life of someone important to him is about to be lost. What is he going to do now?

  • A True Gryffindor

    Neville gets caught up in a deadly fight with a broken wand. He needs something, desperately. A certain magical item from his past shows up to lend some help.

  • Domination

    In my story An Owl's Delivery, Hedwig is mentioned fighting with some of the other Hogwarts Post Owls. Here's the story behind one of those fights.

  • He Was Going To Save Them All

    What does a boy with a rough life do to decide what to do with the rest of his life? Sometimes things happen to make that decision obvious.

  • What's Up with That?

    After a long life, Harry Potter learns from Fate that things were not as they were 'supposed' to be. One-Shot Set in my Potters Echoes to Time Unbending storyverse.

  • Potters Echoes To Time Unbending

    Hermione decides that enough is enough. She is tired of the pain Harry is carrying from not having his parents. She decides to do what she does best, and do something about his pain. To her surprise, she succeeds. Now what? Response to The Jily Meets Harmony Challenge

  • Social Media Harry Potter Writing Prompt Stories and Things

    Occasionally, I see writing prompt posts on various social media sites that catch my eye. When that happens, I have to write them out. Sometimes I can't post replies since those posts have been archived by the time I find them, so I do it here.