• Unknown Love

    Pansy Parkinson does not expect George Weasley to save her life the night of the Battle of Hogwarts, nor for her to start to form a connection with the wizard as they bond over shared losses, as broken hearts have a way of finding each other when needed the most. Pansy quickly learns love can be found in the most unlikely of places, and in the most unlikely of people. Pansy/George.

  • Shades of Black

    Ollie Black is the black sheep of the Black family and a long-time friend to Sirius. He does not expect to fall for Healer Nicki Jones on the eve of the Battle of Hogwarts. The two bond over their loss, in time. Nicki could help him heal his wounds and help him love again. Broken hearts have a way of finding each other when needed, though his attraction to her has consequences.

  • A Greater Power

    Barty Crouch Jr. is saved from the Dementor's Kiss by Winky and brought to the shores of Tinworth, where he is saved by Christine Lestrange, the black sheep of the family. She does not expect for her life to turn upside down when she saves his life. As the weeks pass, she makes an impression on the seemingly ruthless killer. As his obsession with her grows, so do the consequences.

  • Cloaked Heart

    Quirinus Quirrell survives Harry Potter's attack, though his memory is Obliviated. Dumbledore requests that his friend, Dahlia Raywood, be his support person as he heals throughout the summer before returning as Muggle Studies teacher. Bitter, Dahlia struggles to learn how to trust again but is surprised when she begins to develop feelings for him, though new threats emerge.

  • The Boggart in the Woods

    Lyall Lupin meets Muggle Hope Howell while on an investigative trip into a dense Welsh forest to rid the area of a vicious Boggart. The shy young wizard is instantly smitten with the equally shy Muggle, though their attraction to one another as they fall in love has consequences, more so than either one of them could ever dream of when Lyall angers werewolf Fenrir Greyback.

  • A Greater Power

    Christine Lestrange is assigned to work alongside Barty Crouch Jr. as the man's partner following his infiltration into Hogwarts while disguised as Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody. Though what the disgraced witch does not expect is to fall for the wizard in the process. Her feelings for the man have consequences, more than she could ever dream of. Barty Crouch Jr./OC

  • Fallen Shadow

    AU. Left for dead, Severus Snape survives Nagini's attack, though is left scarred. Facing a full trial for his crimes, he has no choice but to accept the help of Healer Paige Conifer, a witch who carries secrets of her own. Over time, he finds himself attracted to the witch after thinking his feelings for Lily are buried, though his feelings have consequences. Severus Snape/OC.

  • Devil of Exile

    AU. Nymphadora Tonks is left hurt and reeling when Remus Lupin abandons her, though jumps at the chance to put the pieces of her life back together when Dumbledore asks her to guard an Obscurial, Garrett Conifer, to prevent him from falling into the clutches of the Dark Lord. Tonks agrees, eager for a fresh start, but doesn't expect to fall for the wizard in the process. Tonks/OC

  • The Voice in the Dark

    AU. Barty Crouch Jr. is saved from the Dementor's Kiss following the Triwizard Tournament by Auror Tara Conifer. In her time with him, she makes an impression on the mindless killer. Barty is sentenced to life imprisonment in his family's home with only Tara as his assigned guard, though his attraction to her leads to consequences as his obsession with the prickly Auror grows.

  • So This is Love

    Penniless and eager to make a fresh start, Cinderella is plucked off the streets of the marketplace after escaping Lady Tremaine and her stepsisters, only to be taken in by the Prince of the realm, though dark forces quickly work to tear the two apart as their bond grows closer and the two begin to fall in love as time passes, but is their love strong enough to endure?