Scott Berg

  • The Experiment

    What if Voldemort's plan for creating Horcruxes was far more dark and horrifying than anyone had previously anticipated. Warning contains some mention of rape and sexual intercourse

  • Second Chance: The Hogwarts Years

    A continuation of the Second Chance story consisting of a series of short chapters. Now that Severus has a second chance at life with a new loving family ho will this affect him and his new friends as he starts his journey at Hogwarts

  • One Moment In Time

    One moment is all it takes to change everything. What if Severus Snape was offered one chance to change everything, can he take this chance and use it to turn his life around or will it still end in failure?

  • The Boy In The Shrieking Shack

    What will be found in the Shrieking Shack after the final battle, who is the mysterious child and what has happened to Severus Snape?

  • Second Chance

    What would happen if someone found out about Severus's home life and decided to give him a second chance at having a loving family?

  • To Turn Back Time

    Alternative ending to Not Enough Time starting at the end of Chapter 1. Having seen Harry Potter in a new light can Severus manage to save the boy who lived

  • Not Enough Time

    What will happen when Professor Snape finds out some startling truths about the boy who lived, can the truth change his cold heart and can he truly heal him when arrives at Hogwarts in a much worse state then anyone could have imagined or is it to little to late?

  • Sev and Harry

    What will happen when a young Severus Snape wishes to be somewhere safe and finds himself in the last place he expects. Can he find friendship and how will it affect Harry Potter?

  • Severus Snape Embracing Death

    This is my own idea and poetic description of what it may have looked and felt like for Severus Snape on that fateful evening where he was embracing death