• Fake It To Make Everything Happen

    Sirius is not making a move on Remus so Regulus takes thing into his own hands. So he deicides to fake a crush on Remus to get Sirius to make a move finally. But it also makes James finally make one too. Flow

  • So, What Now?

    Harry is panicking about what he is going to do after Hogwarts and he thinks he is the only one feeling that way. He was wrong. Flow

  • How Did This Happen To You

    James got hurt and Regulus takes care of him. Flow

  • What Are You Going To Do? Date Me?

    Regulus tells Sirius that him and James are going to get married. But the thing is they never told Sirius that they were even dating. Flow

  • Gryffindor Boy and Lion's Heart

    Regulus is just trying to make it through 6th year of Arithmancy when James Fucking Potter comes into his life. His mother's words ring in his mind constantly, "You will not be in Gryffindor or associate with anyone Gryffindor." I switch first-person POV and third-person POV (they are all marked to my knowledge).

  • Dreams Are Wild

    Annabeth has a weird dream of her and Piper.

  • Reyna and Nico, sister and brother ?

    Renya and Nico get close to each other. Sorry I am really bad at descriptions Flow

  • If we were in Percy Jackson

    Just the idea what if we were in Percy Jackson what would we do? Flow&Mae

  • Nico's Daily Life

    Nico lives a semi-normal life. They are not demigods in this. Flow