• 3 Kisses Then Becomes 1 Friendship

    Hermoine gets stuck under 3 mistletoes in a day. But in the end, she gets a friend that understands her more than others do.

  • After The War Revenge Is To Be Servered But It Dosen't Go As Plan

    Harry wants to get revenge on someone for what happened in the war but Lord Voldemort is dead so Harry decides on Draco. Though things turn into a romance somehow

  • 1 Comic Book, 1 Educational Book, 1 Fantasy Book Helps 3 Romances

    Ron, Harry, and Hermoine all have the startings of a romance in a bookstore. Each one of the trio and their respective future romantic partners is there for different reasons.

  • Are We Good At Divination?

    Ron bet that his perdition for the next month will come true since he came to the conclusion that he was good at divination. It does much to Harry's shock

  • Christmas Shopping

    Christmas shopping. It is what it says on the tin

  • The Horrible Plan Turns Good Or At Least Fun

    Remus tells Regulus that he should just be closer physically and see his reaction to see for himself if he has a crush on him

  • Just 2 Brothers Talking About Their Crushes

    Sirius is desperately in love with Remus Lupin one of his best friends. His brother Regulus Black asks him to the libary with saying he needs to talk about something with his family. Turns out Regulus has a crush on James and just wants to vent to someone. After Regulus is done, Sirius vents himself and then they become close again because of it. Meeting very Wednesday night talkin

  • There Is A Dear Watching Me

    There was a deer watching Regulus. Turns out it was James.

  • Gryffindor Boy and Lion's Heart

    Regulus is just trying to make it through 6th year of Arithmancy when James Fucking Potter comes into his life. His mother's words ring in his mind constantly, "You will not be in Gryffindor or associate with anyone Gryffindor." I switch first-person POV and third-person POV (they are all marked to my knowledge).

  • What Do I Do?

    Lily wants to confess to Mary but she has no idea how to do it. So she goes and asks James about it while he is trying to take a nap.

  • Love Made Me Crazy

    James took the dark mark to save Regulus. Sirius, Remus and Lily find out.

  • Letters That Is What Is Left Of Our Love

    Harry finds letters between Regulus and James, and reads them to Ron. They find out things.

  • Sometimes The Person You'd Take a Bullet For Is The One Behind The Gun

    Regulus has to kill James because of Voldermort. Emily

  • Wait Your Him?

    James is working on a case about this weird murder cult thing and has to work with Regulus on the financial side of things. Neither noticing or more like ignoring, the fact that (Regulus) is his best friend's little brother and (James) is his brother's best friend. They get together and then have to acknowledge the fact of who they are and how do they manage Sirius? Flow

  • Jealously, Bitterness, Regulus

    Regulus has to watch James and Lily fall in love, and he feels like he is drowning in jealousy and bitterness. Flow

  • Maybe This Is Good

    Peggy is starting to get over Steve and she realizes that it is okay for her to let him go. Flow

  • He'll Love You, If You Love Him Like That

    It is the night before James and Regulus get married. Sirius for a long time has been worried that James will break Regulus heart given his past relationships and finally tells him how he should be with is brother. Flow

  • Get In Bed

    Jason makes Leo take a break. Flow

  • My Hockey Boy

    Adman finally asks Charlie out with a push from his best friend. Emily

  • Moving

    Jason needs help moving so Nico comes over to help. Turns out that is not the only thing that he needs help with. Flow