• A Challenge

    Yeah this is a challenge. Sure it's not allowed but I'm going to keep it here and then abandon it. Because I have no Idea how to delete this things. Pls try the challenge.
  • A to Z of HP

    The A to Z of Harry Potter as Reported by Me. ReaderofDramione. Thank you to those who read this.
  • Weird oneshot scenes

    It says it in the title. Weird oneshot scenes that popped up in my head. The first one came from a line in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(take 2) in Fanfic. Hope u enjoy.
  • Back To You

    Hermione was in the Department of Mysteries with Harry and the others but Hermione crashes into something that takes her 19 years back into the past. She arrives in Remus Lupin's arms. Does that mean anything? Will she go back to her time? Will she find love? First bit set in Order of the Phoenix.
  • Lost

    Everyone knew Sirius fancied Hermione. Stuck in the Marauders era, Hermione Granger missed her friends. One day she mentioned Harry in her sleep and Sirius Black heard it and questioned her. When she would not tell, what does he do? ONESHOT.
  • Love Stuck Within Potions and Hypnosis

    Hermione Granger falls unconscious and she finds herself in a large mansion. A person comes and takes control of her. Once free, Hermione is adored and loved by two boys. But another boy comes. Will the new boy steal Hermione's heart? Who will Hermione choose? What will happen to the rejected one? Who is the controller?