• The Golden Sands of Time

    Harry dies in the battle and Hermione cannot accept it. Her time-turner gets hit by an oncoming spell and she is sent back in time to the marauder's era. With this newfound hope, she sets herself a mission: don't mess with anything of Voldemort's (that's Harry's job to do) and change the future. SB/HG/RL Don't forget to R&R!
  • Dark Secrets

    Everyone has their secrets. When Voldemort breaks the Potter family, will there be any hope for them being whole again?
  • From the Present to the Past

    The future gen goes back in time to Harry's fifth year. Or more precisely, fall from the sky into 12 Grimmauld Place, where an Order meeting is going on. OoTP. Rating to be safe. Just read and review.