• Regulus Black is a Black no longer

    An AU In which Reg leaves his family and ends up at the Potters. Possible jegulus. Reg might be autistic in this.

  • Regulus is a mirror

    Regulus was seemingly care free and happy when he was with his true friends. His brother and his friends. He was mean and ruthless when he was with his roommates and other death-eater-want-to-bes. He was a mirror. When he was a lone (that was rare) he simply was. Sometimes he would cry. And sometimes he would just sit there. Extreme angst! WARNING very brief mention of abuse

  • Midnight quidditch games

    This is a collection of Harry Potter midnight quidditch drabbles. "the twins had the idea in their first year. We let a few prefects and head students know about it and it quickly became a thing most of the school enjoyed." These fics are just some of the fun they have at these midnight quidditch games.

  • I’m sorry

    Sirius has been dead for a few months now, who would still need to talk to him? Or Regulus apologizes and explains how he died to Sirius.

  • Julieta is the oldest and a bit panicky

    Everyone always says that Bruno and Pepa have bad/hard gifts (which they do) but Julieta's comes with a good amount of stress too. Plus she needs to be constantly cooking. Aka: me projecting my quarrels with being the oldsters sibling and my anxiety onto Julieta. WARNING: panic attack

  • We talk about Bruno

    A bunch of Encanto stores all of them do have Bruno in them though some may not actually focus on him alone.