• Harry Potter and the Tuath Dé

    All spells, enchantments, and curses have a point where they can be twisted, perverted, broken, or just plain co-opted. This is especially true when fae or old gods are involved. For the enchantment that an old man, with too many jobs and not enough time to think, placed on one Harry Potter and Petunia Dursley, linking them together until Harry's 17th birthday, that time was now

  • Harry Potter Champions of the Dream

    On Earth the Tri-wizard championship is taking place at Hogwarts along with the inaugural interschools magical olympic games. Deeper in the dream rumours are spreading and unrest is starting to boil in the old courts. New alliances will be tested and formalised, while the nascent and undertrained Magi are forced to balanced their responsibilities at the school and their responsibil

  • Queen Potter

    Magic is a strange and wonderous thing, it allows people to change into animals of all shapes and sizes. It can protect, nurture, and destroy. It is also rare. Only a fraction of all the planets that give rise to sentient and sapient life have magic. The other thing that's strange, though far less wonderous is that alien abductions are real.

  • Queen Taylor

    A Crossover with Queen Potter. In another time and place, Taylor Hebert would break after hours stuck in a locker while all of the school children ignored her pleas for help. In another universe, Arry lays a special adoption egg as an insurance policy. Magic being what it is, and Queens not wanting to just be left laying around, the egg is transported from one locker to another.

  • Harry Potter: Simology

    This is a crack crossover with the sims 4. Harry almost dies in his cupboard just before primary school starts. His magic reaches out for a solution and finds the sims interface.

  • Harry Potter Escape From The Dream

    Petunia has been introduced to Lyasa's family but is still a slave to the Winter court. It's becoming increasingly likely that rescue will not be able to come from earth, so she decides to learn everything she can about the Sidhe way of magic and fighting. Karen needs to settle into the role of Headmaster while also fending off clumsy power grabs from the Ministry, as well as negot

  • Harry Potter Secrets of the Dream

    A new year and new challenges. Harry and Hermione return to Hogwarts with their friends and family, however, the recent passage through The Dream has not gone unnoticed. Read as they have to deal with a monster in the school and an increasing threat from The Dream. Glossary and supplementary content available on AO3

  • Harry Potter and the Deep Dream

    On the morning of his birthday, Harry wakes up to find a letter from his mother on his pillow. In it he finds out that his heritage is more different from the norm than anyone could have expected.