• As Jy Aanhou Stap, Tienduisend Ure, Sal Jy Dalk Daar Kom

    Afrikaans: Wat gebeur wanneer Ricki Carter, 'n familielid van bekende Dromer Randolph Carter, besluit om sy voetspore na Onbekende Kadath te volg? English: What happens when Ricki Carter, a relative of renowned Dreamer Randolph Carter, decides to follow his footsteps to Unknown Kadath? (FFN's summary limit isn't my friend)

  • Stories, Rewritten

    A rewrite of an earlier work on Ao3 that I orphaned. It's a story a chapter. Fandoms tagged aren't the only fandoms, hence the fandom being in the chapter title (FFN sucks in the multifandom department). The inspiration is at the top of the chapter, and explanation at the bottom.

  • Sanguis, Lux et Tenebrae

    On 5 November 1978, one-year-old Morana la Croix goes missing. Nearly 11 years later, on 5 August 1989, Zoe Ashe is seen in Diagon Alley, shopping for her first year at Hogwarts. The resemblance between Zoe and the missing and presumably dead Morana is uncanny. What's going on? Who is Zoe? What happened on the night of 5 November 1978? And, what secrets are being hidden?