• The Twins Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Following up their dangerous first year at Hogwarts, James Dean and Harry Andrew Potter, alongside their adopted brothers Travis and Brian, prepare for a whole new year at school. However, someone, or something, conspiring to make this year just as wild and wacky as the last, and in order to survive, they'll need to keep their wits ABOOT them, eh... Partial redux of the OG.

  • Twins Potter: Spinner's End

    One shot set in the Twin's Potter setting I'm writing, but hey, don't think that its exclusive. This is just a rewrite of Charity Burbage's death from her own and Severus Snape's perspectives. More details within.

  • The Twins Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Redux

    What if, by a change of fate, Harry had a twin brother? That James and Lily survived? Sirius never went to Azkaban? It all seems well and good now, but when the dust settles and the Dark Lord tightens his grip on the world, the tragedies get much worse... This is a rewrite of my old account's Twins Potter. It'll be way better than that one, I PROMISE.

  • The Twins Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

    Picks up where Emperor Sunny's "Twins Potter" second book (didn't) left off. More details are inside. If anybody out there even still really reads Harry Potter fanfiction, enjoy.