• Over again

    It should be easy. It is technically easy. Go back in time, live with your parents and godparents, save megalomaniac from himself, and boom Magic is saved. Except, he's Harry freaking Potter, or rather Hadrian Antares Peverell and nothing is ever easy for him.

  • Astrid Elladora Black

    What if when Sirius escapes Hogwarts he doesn't go into hiding but to someone who can help him? What if Sirius finally realizes the perks of his name and decides to do whatever is necessary to take care of his godson? What if there was a grey sheep among the black family?

  • Cloaks and Kisses

    When the three marauders spy on Remus and Lily's conversation, Sirius is elated, Remus embarrassed, Lily annoyed and James and Peter amused. WolfStar