• Mirror Moments

    A series of one-shots, around 5-8k words each, these will be short storylines and moments that could've, but didn't, happen in the books, so slightly departing from canon events. All featuring Dumbledore as mentor figure to Harry, all hurt/comfort with family themes. First one is alternate take on HBP cave scene, astronomy tower, and aftermath.

  • Rescue and Recovery

    Dumbledore and the Order must rescue Harry from Voldemort's clutches, but rescue is only the first battle. His loved ones help him recover from his ordeal, healing a little themselves along the way. Lots of mentoring/parent-child relationships between Harry and Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus, etc. (and some friendship moments). Feel-good. I love reviews! Harry Potter fans are the best!

  • Night at the Ministry

    AU of the night at the ministry in OotP I love reviews! Obviously, I don't own Harry Potter

  • Rescuing Harry

    Upon a warning from Mrs. Figg, Dumbledore steps in to rescue Harry from an incident at the hands of Dudley and his friends.