• In Exile

    Harry didn't win his court case before fourth year, and he and Hermione both end up expelled and their magic is bound. Through an unlikely coincidence, and the help of the goblin nation in sticking it to the Ministry, they get their magic and their memories back, but must remain in a form of exile forever. HHr.

  • Harry Potter and the War of Manipulation

    Harry's having a regular summer after his fourth year when he finds out there are loopholes to his strict instructions to stay at Privet Drive, and what results is a revealing look at the manipulation happening in order to win the Wizarding War. Manipulative!Dumbledore; rewrite after fourth year. Potential HHr. I don't own any rights to Harry Potter!

  • Friendship Tested

    Harry skips out on the responsibility of raising Teddy on Ginny's recommendation, leaving his co-godparent Hermione in quite a mess as a new Death Eater plot unfolds with Teddy at the center. Will Harry step up and save them? Will Hermione forgive him? (Canon-compliant if you skip epilogue, R/L, D/G, dark!Ginny/Ginny-bashing, eventual H/HR)