Kanisha the writer

  • mlp rainbow rocks meets me

    I reentered the world of mlp equestria girls and helping them in the battle of bands

  • Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

    Harry and Key's second year of Hogwarts, they meet new friends, experience new danget

  • Harry, Key, and the Deathly Hallows

    Harry, key, and their friends go through the most tragic events of their life, will everything go okay find out for yourself.

  • harry,key, and the goblet of fire

    Romances are growing, Makai and Key are having awkward moments. the triwizard tournment is coming, professor moody is a new defense of the dark arts teacher.

  • Lotus & Faes

    Lotus meets a rebel half fae named Joanna, and she gets news about being sent to Hogwarts, which is away from her friends and her home planet.

  • The New adventures of Teen Titans

    It's continuation of short stories I made that my character Kanisha from the future unites Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Beastboy, and Robin together with Kanisha from the present time and now they are becoming a team.

  • Harry, Key, and the Half-blood prince

    Many things are changing,faes are hiding again, Key's parents again, Abigail is not at Hogwarts, Harry is with Dumbledore the history of Voldemort

  • Harry, key, and the prisoner of azkaban

    Harry and Key become inseparable again because of a serious of events. Key and Makai become a couple because of the events of the ball,. The minister is on the loose and

  • Harry, Key, and the order of the phoenix

    The minstry is giving the daily prophet info that is making people at school distant from Harry, so he becomes close to Key again since he feels she is the only one he can trust. Key and Makai become close once they return to Hogwarts.

  • Harry, key, and the discovery of the sorcerer's stone

    The story of harry's first year of Hogwarts is being retold with his cousin that is a far and her name is Key

  • Harry,Key,and the mystery of the chamber of secrets

    It's the second part of Key and Harry's magical life, there's more magic,more Key and Makai moments,more far information. More of everything that made the first story amazing and popular,also I'm doing this for me.

  • Harry, Key, and the discovery of the sorcerer's stone

    This wonderful whimsical tale about Harry, and the crew with his nice cousin and their fist adventure

  • Harry,Key, and the sorcerer's stone mw

    This is the old version of my story named Harry, Key, and the sorcerer's stone. this is my original idea.

  • Harry and Key, and the sorcerer's stone

    This is the rewrite of this movie, which I hope you enjoy this. There is new characters which I couldn't describe

  • Harry,Key and The sorcerer's stone

    This is the remake of the boy who lived with his distant cousin named Key, kai's the way Kai is James's sister. Soon, they find new friends, enemies, and find adventures

  • An old friend

    This is a message for a special friend of my mine: /u/8261537/www-account-removal-requested

  • Harry, Key and The philosphers stone

    This is the remake of the boy who lived with his distant cousin named Key, kai's the way Kai is James's sister. Soon, they find new friends, enemies, and find adventures

  • Albus potter and the golden sword

    This story is the tale of Albus, Rose, Scorpius, Morrison, Myaleka and Myleka's first year of Hogwarts. Will they become the new heroes of Hogwarts or no

  • Albus Potter and the orb of quaza

    This the second year, for the new heroes and something from the past has come to haunt them, and they must stop it from returning

  • Harry potter and the guardian angel

    it's from my daydream, where I'm a new character added into the hp series.