• The Unexpected Pack

    Hermione finds herself at the wrong end of Fenrir Greyback's teeth at the battle of Hogwarts and flees out of shame of what she had become. But with the help of two unexpected people she's able to accept it and move on, but it's not exactly a straight road to the end.
  • The Male Masseuse

    Hermione's normal masseuse doesn't turn up so she finds Charlie Weasley taking over for her. Let's just say the massage doesn't end how normal ones do. Warning: contains lots of smutty lemons & no plot.
  • Finding Dragons

    Hermione needs to get away from a desk job and what seemed better than dragon taming in Romania? What she didn't realise was that working at the Balaur Reserve was so much more than just taming dragons, finding love included.
  • Healing the Grangers

    An opportunity arises for Hermione to take a trip but will she accept the offer? Follow Hermione's journey as she begins to fall for a certain Weasley as he helps her find her parents.
  • Goodbye Sweet Angel

    Oneshot of Hermione and Charlie with their daughter during her last few hours.
  • Hermione Granger and Her Dragon Tamer

    Hermione seizes the opportunity of a new job out in Romania, but things aren't quite what she was expecting and the reserve needs a lot more help than she realised. What happens whilst she's out there and she gets to know a certain Weasley brother?
  • Dolohov's Curse

    Hermione gets hit by a wall during the Battle at Hogwarts, which triggers an aftermath of the deadly curse Dolohov hit her with during the Battle at the Department of Mysteries in her fifth year - how will she find a cure? Follow the search to help Hermione before time runs out and the brewing romance between Hermione and Charlie.
  • A New Adventure

    The first day of anything is always one to remember, but especially for the muggle Hermione on her first day embarking into the Wizarding World and her new life at Hogwarts.
  • Christmas Madness

    Charlie arrives home from work to an empty house but soon discovers his family were choosing a Christmas Tree. A light-hearted, one shot, that will hopefully turn into a longer story, about family, love and Christmas Tree decorating in the Weasley household.
  • Slug Club Antics

    A one-shot, short story of Harry and Ginny during a Slug Club meeting when they realise their feelings.
  • Dolohov's Curse

    Hermione gets hit by a wall during the Battle at Hogwarts, which triggers an aftereffect of Dolohov's curse from the Battle at the Ministry during her fifth years, how will she find a cure? A Hermione-Charlie romance brews.