• The Side-Effects of Wolfsbane

    Severus Snape survived the attack by Voldemort's snake and is leading a life far away from the wizarding community. At St. Mungo's a team of healers and potioneers is reaching dead ends in their research on modifications of the Wolfsbane potion intended to make it more suitable for treating children. One of the healers, however, refuses to give up.

  • Der schwarze Mann

    Die Tanzlehrerin Conny freundet sich im Park mit einem seltsamen, schwarzgekleideten Mann an, der behauptet ein Zauberer zu sein.SSOC, spielt einige Jahre nach Band 6.

  • Twenty One Years Later

    How does Severus Snape cope with the role he has to play during DH? Is there anyone he can trust, anyone who helps him bear his fate? SSOFC, rated M just to be on the safe side for future chapters.

  • Uralte Magie

    In einem Nationalpark im Südwesten Schottlands geschehen seltsame Dinge, die sowohl eine große Tageszeitung als auch das Zaubereiministerium Nachforschungen anstellen lassen. Und was hat ein Mann namens Septimus Spane mit der Sache zu tun? SSOCHG

  • Erbarme dich

    Mein Beitrag zu Karfreitag, kurz und kompakt. Spielt in der Zeit von Band 7.

  • Leben jenseits aller Erwartungen

    Übersetzung der Geschichte 'A Life Beyond Expectations' von Hebe GB. AU ab dem Ende von DH. Eine vermeintliche Muggelärztin rettet Severus Snape das Leben, ein Mitglied der Familie Malfoy setzt alles daran, den Verräter zu töten.

  • Neighbours

    Spinner's End, seven years after the war. Having survived Nagini's attack Snape leads the life of a recluse. Until the day he meets Nathan, his neighbour's son… SS/OCs

  • Future without a past

    A man is found with terrible injuries and absolutely no recollection of who he is and what happened to him... The idea has been used before - this is my version of how the story may develop. It includes SS and several OFCs.

  • The Squib

    The war is over, Voldemort destroyed. Can Snape overcome Azkaban and the rest of his torturous past with the help of a woman who says she loves him? SSOC

  • The Convict

    The story takes place after the final defeat and destruction of Voldemort. Convicted criminals do not have to spend time in Azkaban, but are rented out as cheap workers. This is the story of one of them. SSOC

  • Blood Relations

    Snape is treated in a Muggle hospital for the injuries he received from the Hippogriff. But Muggle methods may have strange consequences for wizards… SSOC, after HBP