• One Last Time

    It's been many years since the war, lives have been lived and now lost. In order to find some sense of closure, Harry decides he must go to his best friend's house, one last time to say goodbye. - written for the Quarter-Finals of QLFC
  • Golden Goddess

    Death. It is inevitable for any living being. When Hedwig faces her own demise, she finds that it is not an end, but a beginning. - Written for QLFC Round 11
  • In the Blink of an Eye

    In the blink of an eye, a curse hits its mark. In the blink of an eye, tragedy strikes. In the blink of an eye, life can change forever. - Written for QLFC Round 10
  • Killer Queen

    Bellatrix was locked away in Azkaban, and yet, she never lost who she truly was. Her fantasies of the outside world kept her mind intact, her imagination and dark passions gave her revived hope. Dive into the perverse mind of Bellatrix Lestrange, the true Killer Queen. - Written for QLFC Round 9
  • A Cup of Tea to Warm the Soul

    The Wizarding World had turned on Pansy after the war, destroyed her reputation. Now, she was terrified that if anyone knew about her new relationship, they would destroy him as well. - Written for QLFC Round 8
  • Before the Moon Falls

    It was happening again. The Devil was coming for his revenge, coming for her, and Blaise needed her to be safe. She was the reason he breathed, the reason he lived, the only light he had left in the world. And he would do anything to protect her, even if it meant remembering.
  • Mission 36104

    It is two years after the Battle of Hogwarts. The Order needs to place someone inside the ranks of the victorious Death Eaters to learn how to finally defeat their leader. Hermione is chosen as most capable for this task, but in a world where only males can enter Voldemort's ranks, she must disguise herself as a man to infiltrate their inner circle. - AU - Written for QLFC R6
  • Afraid of the Dark

    It's the final battle, and Hermione is fighting for her life. When she is hit with a rebounded curse, something happens. Hermione is transported to a strange place where all she can see or feel is darkness. Can she figure out a way to escape? - Written for QLFC Round 5
  • An Unexpected Adventure

    When she was a little girl, Luna's mother had given her a hare pendant bracelet. After her mother's death, that bracelet kept her memory alive in Luna's mind, a great comfort in difficult times. Now, that bracelet has gone missing and Luna must dive to the bottom of the Great Lake to retrieve it. Unfortunately, things don't turn out the way she'd planned. - written for QLFC R4
  • Decisions

    Narcissa Malfoy had always been the perfect pure-blood wife, quietly supporting her husband in the shadows. The war had been a miserable time for her and her family, but she had hoped Voldemort's defeat would finally allow them to move forward. Once again attempting to stand by her family, she must now make her own decisions on who to support - written for QL round 3
  • To Be A Malfoy

    It is the day Draco has been eagerly anticipating, the beginning of his time at Hogwarts. He expects perfection, but things don't end up exactly the way he planned when he meets Hermione on the train. - Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition, Round 2
  • A Midday Study

    It is a gorgeous day and Hermione has just found the perfect place to study in peace and quiet. Then, someone finds her. - Drabble, written for the Houses Competition
  • In a Single Word

    Hermione thought she saw something in him that nobody else did. She thought they could be friends. But then, he used the word. - Drabble, Written for the Houses Competition, Round 1
  • Controlling the Dice

    Escaping the mindless games played by simple minded Hogwarts students, Tom trudged through the snow. That's when he met her, the girl who would change his fate. - Written for QLFC Finals Round 1
  • The One in the Dress

    Without memory of what happened to him, Harry is injured and being treated at St. Mungo's, struggling to remember. Can he figure it out in time to save wizarding Britain once again? - Written for QLFC Round 11
  • A Grave Objection

    It was Draco and Hermione's wedding day and it was supposed to be a wonderful, joyous occasion. Being a controversial couple who were never supposed to be together according to societal norms, she should have known something terrible would occur. What happens when objection turns into murder? – Written for QLFC Round 10
  • Making Friends with the Shadows

    At nine years of age, Luna watched her mother die. Devastated, she ran, desperately trying to escape the pain that had suddenly broken into her life. With her mother's final words sealed in her pocket, Luna finally builds the courage to read them - Written for Round 9 of QLFC
  • Vapours

    Something strange is happening to me and I don't understand. But he is here with me. He is always here. And for some reason, that brings me comfort. – Updated Weekly
  • Rumours

    Years after the war, Draco just wants a chance at regaining a normal life. With his family fortune gone, reputation destroyed, he has been working hard in his lowly assistant position to rebuild some of his lost status. What will Draco do when a rumour threatens to bring all his efforts crumbling down around him? – Written for QLFC Round 8
  • The Case of the Missing File

    When a top secret file is stolen from the Ministry, the Minister for Magic assembles a team of three very different young women. Can Ginny, Hermione, and Luna solve the mystery? - Written for QLFC Round 7