Mutt N. Feathers

  • In The World Around Us

    The FF Author Old Crow set a challenge based on their amazing story, "Unintended Consequences"; this is my take on that Challenge. Harry's duel with Voldemort in the Graveyard sets events in motion that no one could have predicted. What will witches and wizards do without their wands? Is there still magic if you can't manipulate it? Begins at the end of GOBLET OF FIRE.

  • Impede

    The second in the "Restrain" series. What does becoming an adult in the age of war do to you? Does it do anyone good to follow a leader blindly? There will be mentions of acts of atrocity throughout.

  • Restrain

    A retelling of "Bound", darker and with the war far closer to the halls of Hogwarts than any of the students want. Can anyone keep their secrets, when the secrets could get them killed. This story will still fit in the greater "Time War" series of stories.

  • Time War

    REPUBLISHED as of 5/2014 The final installment to the Bound/Woven/Restored trilogy and the Continuum/Ranímer/GUMD trilogy. Can the Marauder family stop the looming battles, fought in different times and points in their lives, without unleashing someone worse than Voldemort? Please read at least one of the previous trilogies before reading this story.

  • Manipulations to War

    Sequel to Harry's second Christmas. James and Lily are dead, and Sirius, Remus and Anwen are living in the Potter keep with Harry. They want him to have a well balanced childhood, but the need to keep him safe is greater. Sirius is working to unravel where the Potter money went while Anwen wants to discover why they were in Godric's Hollow and not safely in the Potter's home.

  • A Year and A Day

    There's no Voldemort, no war, just a Wizarding society in need to moving into the twentieth century even though they are on the cusp of the twenty-first. The Source of All Magic determines who you will be best suited to, and when you turn seventeen you are given a name. Sirius Black didn't get his perfect partner until he was forty, and he already knows her, and she can't stand him

  • Harry's Second Christmas

    Sirius doesn't go after Peter, but instead takes Harry into hiding at the Potter's ancestral home, Linfred Hall. Forces of Light and Dark both want Harry for their own reasons, but Sirius just wants to keep him safe. Can Harry's godmother and godfather keep from hexing each other? Can anyone enjoy Christmas this year?

  • A Thought or Two

    Auror Spook Kitty Fawley has returned from years under deep cover to discover what her rash, emotional decision has done to the people she loves. She thought freeing Sirius and rescuing Harry would be the hard part. Can broken hearts and minds be healed enough to live a normal life?

  • Flying

    Harry and Ginny should be revising, but when it's perfect weather outside they'd rather be flying.

  • The Veil

    Death is never permanent in the Harry Potter series, at least not 100% of the time. Samhain, the holiday our modern Halloween is based on, was the time when those who past where remembered and sometimes spoken too. In October 1996 Harry feels alone and lost. Perhaps its time he learned about his pagan roots.

  • Harry Almighty: A parody in three acts

    This is a very sarcastic parody written for another website. I'm putting it all up in one day, enjoy reading. There is a good deal of bashing in the story, including some for religion, so if you'd be offended, please don't read.

  • First and Last Christmas: A Knots OneShot

    It's baby Harry's first Christmas, and both Ellie and Sirius show up to celebrate the holiday with their godson. Can they stand being so close to each other, or will the pain be too great?

  • Making of the Map

    Look inside the lives of the Marauders before they had their nicknames, before they had the map and discover why it came into being. What really drove the boys to become The Marauders. This will fall into my Sirius and Anwen centered multi-verse, although you don't need to know anything about that universe to enjoy. Will be about the boys and their growing up in and out of Hogwarts

  • Lord Potter's Own Will

    Picking up immediately after the events of "In the Blood", Harry struggles to understand the choices which were made for him; the choices he can now make and what who will help him make them.

  • Just One Happy Day, Together

    Harry finds an old Time-Turner in a Potter family hunting cottage where he is now living. He's warned before he goes on his trip that he can't change anything. Of all of the days in all the years, what day would Harry choose? Written for a Time-Turner contest. Just a little happy fluffy love with my favorite HP extended family.

  • Before The Brew

    A prequel to "Mischievously Managed Brewery" and "The Brewmaster's Mystery" about how the Marauders and their female counterparts came up with the idea for MMB and set their plans in motion, all the while trying to stop the coming conflict.

  • Time War

    For five years the Potter, Lupin, Longbottom and Black families have lived in peace. They've taken on careers and parenthood and are thankful they've heard nothing of a future problem. One sunny Friday afternoon, their peace is utterly shattered and they are sucked back into conflict. How do you fight a war across time? Sequel of both the B/W/R trilogy and C/R/G trilogy.

  • Growing Up With Mum and Dad

    Story picks up only months after "Continuum", and shows Harry's growing up without Voldemort and being loved by his family. They also learn that time is fluid and ever changing. Read Continuum and Ranímer first to understand this story.

  • Continuum

    Harry comes up with a bold plan of attack against Voldemort, taking on the offensive. How he plans to do it surprises everyone.

  • Bound

    What if Harry's parents weren't killed by Voldemort? What if, by meeting a little girl from Wales while they were in school, all their lives were changed. AU story for the years prior to canon. A/N: Re-edited 6/2010