• The Note

    DRABBLE. Rose receives an anonymous note with an interesting message and decides to take action immediately.
  • A Black Affair

    DRABBLE. Sirius receives a letter from his parents who make him choose between his blood and his best friends. Hinted Wolfstar.
  • The One Without Detention

    ONE-SHOT. James has asked Sirius to help him break the rules for a very important plan. This is the only time the Professors let it happen without giving detention. Written for the Houses Competition round 6: Evil Conquers the World.
  • Aquila Scriptor

    COLLECTION. Collection of my The Houses Competition stories (drabbles and one-shots). Includes Dramione, Runa (Rolf and Luna) hinted Wolfstar and hero Hermione Granger.
  • A Halloween Friendship Story

    DRABBLE. When Hermione visits Harry to ask him about his will, she finds him too busy to speak to her and she realises again that some things are more important than laws and paperwork. Written for the Houses Competition round 6: Evil Conquers the World.
  • An Amorous Affair

    ONE-SHOT. Colleagues Draco and Hermione take a break from their work, but the situation nearly becomes unmanageable for Draco when Hermione has finished her tea. Written for the Houses Competition round 5: Love and Loss.
  • A Simple Confundus Charm

    DRABBLE. Like his father had always wanted, Theodore Nott is going to marry a pure-blood witch, Daphne Greengrass. What his father doesn't know, is that Daphne in is on the scheme and that Theo is going to divorce Daphne and then marry the love of his life. Because she is worth it. And Daphne is awesome. Written for the Houses Competition round 5: Love and Loss.
  • Dramione Collection

    Collection of all my Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger one-shots and drabbles. Pre-Dramione included. Rated for cursing.
  • Scorose Collection

    COLLECTION. Collection of all my Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley one-shots and drabbles. Pre-Scorose included. Rated for cursing.
  • Never Enough

    For the first time in her life, Rose attends the Hogwarts Battle Remembrance Ball. When she runs into Scorpius Malfoy, her heart skips a beat. A few years ago he had promised her that he would never see her again and disappear out of her life completely. Obviously, he had failed. Written for the Houses Competition round 4: BONUS Stage and Screen.
  • The Cerberus Project

    ONE-SHOT. Cornelius Fudge tried to protect Harry and Dumbledore the best he could. He did, he really did. Written for the Houses Competition round 3: Forgotten Heroes.
  • Hogwarts Express Derailed

    Padma Patil gets the lead on a story for the Daily Prophet, and it's a big one. Written for the Houses Competition round 3: Forgotten Heroes.
  • Darkness

    When Minerva McGonagall wants to send Harry Potter his Hogwarts letter, she finds out that Harry Potter sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs. So she investigates and finds an abused and severely food deprived boy. Minerva places Harry in another household, this time a loving one. Weasley's adopt Harry fic. Rated for abuse and cursing. WARNING FOR ABUSE.
  • Luna's Favourite Pastime

    ONE-SHOT. Luna meets two lovely unicorns and decides to feed them their croissants. Luckily Rolf isn't mad about it. Written for the Houses Competition round 2: Teamwork For The Win.
  • That One Question

    DRABBLE. Sirius is bored out of his mind. James is busy snogging Lily, Peter is boring and Remus is studying. Sirius knows just who he will get to give him attention. Written for the Houses Competition round 2: Teamwork For The Win.
  • Draco Malfoy's Last Scheme

    ONE-SHOT. Draco Malfoy confesses he was bribed to stop Hermione Granger from finishing the law she was working on. When she doesn't believe his good intentions, he decides to confess why he decided to come clean. Only to be forced to use Slytherin tactics to save his insecure heart. Written for the Houses Competition round 1: New Beginnings.
  • The Skiving Snackbox

    DRABBLE. Hermione had vowed never to use a Skiving Snackbox, but there was one exception.
  • Not Your Team

    ONE-SHOT. Roxy Weasley and her best friend Savannah Zabini are in their final year of Hogwarts. Roxy is an obnoxious extraverted Gryffindor and a beater for the house team when she's being asked out by a few guys. But sometimes it doesn't matter how much you like a guy, they're just not right for you.
  • Wishes

    ONE-SHOT. A drunk tongue speaks a sober heart. Rose's drunk mind speaks wishes and hilarity ensues when Scorpius finds out what she truly wants.
  • Committed

    ONE-SHOT. Scorpius Malfoy becomes Rose's colleague at the DMLE and she just knows he is going to mess with her head, like he had done all the time when they were at Hogwarts. When all the colleagues go out for some drink to celebrate the deadline that they met with their new law proposal, Scorpius makes her question a few choices she made in life. Rated for cursing.