• You're My King, and I'm Your Lionheart

    Hermione decides to stay at Hogwarts during the Christmas holidays as she's finding it much too difficult to stay with the Weasley's as previously planned. Draco is also staying, seeing as his parents all but forced him to stay and work on Voldemort's demands. Ultimately, a strange but wonderful thing blossoms between them. DHr; HBP - DH.
  • The Archer

    For years, she wrote off the intensity of their bond, saying to their friends that he was "just a friend" and that was all. However, as her recent revelations imply, she is beginning to consider him to be so much more. It comes naturally, and once it is arrived and accepted, she cannot stop it from taking over her daily thoughts and actions. (HarryxHermione, during Deathly Hallows)
  • Long Live

    'Everyone watched as Harry walked up to Hermione, who still couldn't believe her eyes. "Hi." He said, grinning.' R&R Please. One-Shot. Harmonie.
  • Maybe

    "Maybe we should just stay here, Harry...grow old." Harmonie. R&RPlease. One-Shot
  • Immortal and Forever

    Based off of 'Tuck Everlasting.' Hermione meets the Weasley's and life as she knows comes to a stand-still. Totally AU! Rating for extreme making-out! Later.
  • Promise

    "They say there are five stages to losing someone you love." "What are they?" "1...Mourning. 2, Depression. 3, Anger. 4, Realization. And 5, Acceptance." "What stage are you at?" "...I don't know." AU After Deathly Hallows. Hermione-centric. One-shot.
  • Dear Hermione

    "I hate you, you hate me! What part of that don't you get!" Hermione screamed. "You may hate me, but who ever said that I hated you?" AU 7th Year DRAMIONE!
  • Harry Potter and the Nineteen Lost Years

    My version of what was in between the end of Deathly Hallows and the epilogue! Although, it doesn't really go along with the epilogue! Oh well! R&R! Up for adoption.
  • Hey Harry

    Ginny writes Harry a song. AU sorta...6th Year. Based off of Taylor Swift's song 'Hey Stephen' One-shot.
  • Oops A Daisy!

    Ginny's scared. She should be. She's pregnant and only 15! *NOW COMPLETE!*
  • Forever in My Heart

    Sequel to Oops-A-Daisy. The final war is coming quickly and Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the run. Draco is part of the Order now but still a Death Eater. All in all life still goes on in the world and Ginny and Draco are trying to survive it. Can they?
  • Love Story Dramione Edition

    The title says it all! I was bored and I know that it is VERY cheesy! R&R! Oneshot Dramione ;D
  • She Will Be Loved

    I was bored and I was listening to this song! GeorgexHermione Post-DH
  • Goodbye

    This is a one-shot on Harry and Ginny. When Harry left at the wedding unexpectedly, Ginny fell to pieces. What happens when she writes Harry a letter? And he writes back? Doesn't really follow DH, but oh, well!
  • Harry Potter A to Z

    The title says it all. One-shot