• Madame La Reine

    Ashley Rosier is not your typical pureblood Beauxbatons students and when she comes to Hogwarts, she is about to experience the craziness of the school of the Boy-Who-Lived. Meeting new friends, defending old ones, and possibly finding a new love? This is not your typical school field trip. But maybe it's a typical fall-in-love story. Who knows we may need it more than ever now.
  • Into The Woods

    A frusturated Sirius Black finds a baby girl (Hermione) in the woods which he takes in and raises as his own daughter. Introducing her into a world of magic, he must overcome obstacles. Eventual Dramione. No Voldemort
  • Harry Potter Poems

    Just a few poems about characters from Harry Potter. All rights go to JK Rowling. PLEASE DON'T SHARE ANYWHERE!
  • Sleep

    Really quick read about Dobby being buried. I was bored, don't judge. Please read and review!
  • Dramione Torture Scene

    The really sad torture scene from Deathly Hallows. From Draco's POV. Dramione.