• A Play on Mischief

    When a new girl shows up and punches him in the face, Loki isn't so enthused to have to share the stage with her. Sylvie/Loki HS Au

  • Friday Night

    When Remus is dared to ask Bellatrix Black to dance, he never expects her to actually say yes.

  • 401

    Exactly 400 people have attempted to kill the Messenger, the oldest vampire on Earth. Exactly 400 people have died trying to kill the Messenger. Kali is a professional vampire hunter, and for 20,000 she is going to be attempt 401.

  • Kali in Wonderland

    When Kali was little she had a dream that she went to a magical place called Wonderland. As she grew up, playing pretend went away. However, when she "has another dream" where the inhabitants of Wonderland are all trapped in their own personal prisons, a disbeliever might be the only one who can save the home of magic and wonder.

  • On The Ground

    One shot follow up to Slaves and Monsters that won't make any sense if you haven't read that first.

  • Secretary

    The longest one of Abaddon's secretaries had ever lasted was two months, and then she'd proceeded to check herself into a mental hospital. It got to the point where people took bets on how long new ones would last. And when the new guy walked in, the longest bet on him was two weeks.

  • Cupid

    What will happen to Draco and Hermione when someone unexpected decides to play Cupid?