• Return To Life

    Someone asked me to try my hand at doing a story about one of Harry's parents either remaining alive or in a coma or something. This is my result. James Potter returns to life thanks to his wife Lily but not when he was supposed to. Instead it was a few years later, only to find that nothing was correct. It was now time to live up to his heritage. Dumbledore bashing.

  • When The Hell Am I?

    A spell sends Harry back in time. Way Back!

  • Trifecta

    This is a Champions of Lilith story featuring Harry, Hermione, and Luna. The three go back in time to save their future, Weasley and Dumbledore bashing will be featured strongly.

  • The Betrayal Of Harry Potter

    He was betrayed by those around him, sending him to Azkaban. Now they would pay for their betrayal.

  • Love Thy Enemy

    Severus learns that the secret to life is to learn how to Love Thy Enemy. This is not a slash.

  • Baby Mine

    Harry is raped and decides to leave for the safety of his unborn child. Who is the other father? Is there more than one? Where does Hermione fit into all of this? Rated M for mention of rape. Written before DH. Also Male pregnancy.

  • A Forced Situation

    Takes place right after the Tri-Wizard tournament. Harry is used by Dumbledore and Snape. Remus and Sirius decided to help him out. Add a romance with Hermione and a baby and who knows what else. Mentions MPREG.

  • Deceit and Lies

    Harry survives a brutal attack from the Dursleys with Hermione's help. He learns that everything he knows is false. What will he do? Takes places after Sirius' death. Mentions torture and sex.

  • Goblet Of Fire, Not!

    This is a challenge! Please read the A/N note at the beginning of the story. My version is a one-shot. Enjoy.

  • Steps In Life

    Harry survives the Tri-Wizard Tournament only to lose someone else that he loves. Who will help him in his hour of need?

  • Missing

    Harry is thrown back in time. There he learns magic and the ways of a knight before returning to his own time. Just a short story that I wrote some time ago.

  • Why Won't They Leave Me Alone?

    Harry defeats Voldemort but those in power don't want him to leave. Read about the lengths they go to achieve their goal. Takes place after Order of the Phoenix.

  • Harry Potter and the Magic Dragon

    My niece was nine when she wrote this (She's now seventeen!) and asked if I would put it on here. So I have. She wanted to be like her aunt and write about Harry Potter.

  • The Prince Of Gryffindor

    Harry suffers from several betrayals and comes into several new gifts, including a title to the Wizarding throne.

  • Inheritance

    Harry learns that there's more to him than meets the eye. Will he find his mate as a half Vampire and half Dark veela? Will he loose his friends?

  • Secrets

    Harry has a secret son and learns some secrets of betrayal by Dumbledore. What other secrets will he learn? Will he find love? Will he have his revenge?

  • Where In The World Is Harry Potter

    Ginny has lied about herself and Harry, forcing Harry to leave. Will he ever return? Will Hermione welcome him with open arms?

  • I Have To Say I Do

    Harry has to marry to save two lives that depend on him, twin babies.Who will he pick to be their mother?