Katie Bell

  • An Altered Thread

    What happens to a tapestry if a single thread is disturbed? What happens to a world where Tom Riddle is a force for good?
  • A Very Special Valentine's Day

    Starring Yours Truly, Gilderoy Lockhart (Flourish's Challenge Fic)
  • For the Love of the Game

    Harry Potter has a midlife crisis?
  • Magical Mischief Makers

    The adventures of the MWPP generation at Hogwarts
  • Double Trouble

    Magical twins with a mysterious past and an interesting future...
  • Aurors

    Set after GoF. Still unfinished.
  • Out of This World

    A crossover between HP and the Chrestomanci Quartet - don't worry, you can read this even if you haven't read those books. Co-written by Blaise.
  • Lisa Goes to Hogwarts

    The adventures of descendants of the characters, 150 years in the future.
  • The Story of a Lifetime

    What happens when a Muggle journalist discovers the truth?
  • Winter of Despair

    A short monologue-style fic (yes! A fanfic) mostly regarding some unresolved questions I've had.
  • Too High a Price

    No summary. No explanations. No apologies. Not much of a story, either.
  • We'll Go No More A-Roving...

    Bit of an angst/depression warning on this one. MWPP story.
  • Carpe Diem

    At another school of magic, five young people meet their destinies in diverse ways.
  • Only in Dark the Light

    This was the third part of this story, but the first two have vanished beyond the world... still it stands alone fairly well (comes between Magical Mischief Makers and Double Trouble)
  • Harry Potter and the Killer Thespian

    A Flourish's Fanfic Fic. There is no killer thespian in it.
  • Love and Lies in the Sixth Year

    Really really bad title, but I swear that the fic itself isn't that bad.
  • Harry Potter and the Quantum Mechanic

    Just an insane story. Quite a few literary references - spot them all!
  • Fourth Year Insanity

    The title gives a pretty good summary
  • Our Yesterdays Are Dusty Death

    Sirius Black, in Azkaban, reflects upon his life.
  • How Voldemort Stole Christmas!

    Apologies to Dr. Seuss