Momiji D

  • The day she died, was her date of birth - a rewrite

    Rewrite of an old fic of mine. An example of the worst case of time travel. Magic always punish those who play with time.
  • The day she died was her date of birth

    The worst case of time-travel.
  • Delphi On Ice

    AU world, next-gen. Canon pairings. Unbetaed. Rated T to be safe. Delphi's remembering her past while ice-skating. She's so thankful to her family, and to everyone who believed in her. Inspired by Yuri On Ice.
  • Rea

    Walking around in the Room of Hidden things, Harry finds a beautiful treasure. Friendship, Romance, Fantasy.
  • Meet the father-in-law

    Harry is dark, always has been, why? Because he's in love with the dark lord'son. Thomas called the Dark Prince, has his own followers, Harry as his right handman. Voldemort came back. He wants to know his son.Only problem? He doesn't know that Harry, without his gryffindor persona, is his son's lover. Now he's going to meet the real Potter, his son-in-law. SLASH. Major OCs.
  • Our Black Blood II

    AU, Slash, Mpreg. In a world with no Voldemort. Politics are the way to fight. Too much Inbreeding brought a problem to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Who'll be thier next heir? Draco or Harry? Alas, this story is not about politics, but love between two men of opposite side. This story is how they fell in love, and they try to hide it. Slow update, short chapters.
  • Our Black Blood I

    Prequel of 'OBBII'. Sirius's problem. How it all started. Why he is Harry's godfather? The only dream Sirius wanted was shattered, James helps his bestfriend. A story about friendship, drama, family, H/C, bromance and with a slight touch of humor. Not interesting as it's more of a prequel. However, it still can be considered as an one shot. Contain Slash, AU, mention of mpreg.
  • What happens in a Dormitory, stays in- What? A Broadcast!

    Seamus and Dean played a bad joke on Lavender. Ron and Neville didn't help. United by Girl's power, Hermione, Parvati and Lavender want revenge. Sadly the fruit of their efforts fell in Umbridge's hand. She invited the ministry at Hogwarts, the order of phoenix is also here. It will be showed. Why is it always Harry that has to pay for everyone's shit? SLASH or No pairing. OotP.